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Recharge and Reset this Spring at Timezone

There’s only so much more isolation we can take – if you’re feeling like spring’s the perfect time to reset and recharge in a safe but still fun space, Timezone’s got your back. Here’s how we can help you get your groove back.

Get Social

One thing most of us have learned during 2020 is that we’re social creatures, and being away from our friends, family and loved ones for extended periods of time can be a real bummer. We’ve all become a bit more careful where and how we spend our time, and this also means that partiesevents and fun get-togethers have kind of… Disappeared. It’s time to change that: Timezone offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the people you’ve been missing, in a no-pressure space where you can choose how you spend your time and how close you’d like to get, whether it’s a team game of Laser Tag, a couple reconnecting over our ever-popular claw machines or a parent challenging their kids to a Mario Kart tournament. Timezone is about sharing moments and memories and feeling connected to others. Even if you feel like playing on your own, you’ll still be surrounded by the energy and buzz of other people, so you won’t feel alone or lonely. We follow strict COVID-safe protocols at every Timezone venue, so you know we always have your best interests at heart.

Get Physical

On average, most of us have been sitting a LOT more this year. And laying down. And melting into our couches. The knock-on effects of so much mind-merging with our inner sloths is not great for our mental or physical health… But that doesn’t mean we should all immediately enter a marathon to get moving again, either! Ease into action by challenging your muscles and coordination at Timezone. Try Pump It Up Prime to oil your rusty dance moves and do some energetic cardio; improve hand/eye coordination while shooting hoops or playing a game of air hockey; rediscover your triceps on Hammer King, get some adrenaline going while combating zombies in The Walking Dead… It’s exercise, but fun and easy and social to do. Best bits? You don’t need any expensive equipment, gear or experience to play!

Get Balance

There’s been so much research done about the benefits that having good social support and getting enough physical exercise has when it comes to our mental health & well-being… And we know you know that you feel so much better when you’re surrounded by loved ones, can actually experience a hug and can get moving to work stress and frustration out your body. Spending some quality time at Timezone is basically the perfect mental health boost. You’ll be getting out of the house, immersing yourself in a colourful, safe space filled with so many options for having fun, both physical and mental. It’s a place where you can rediscover your smile, take a break and escape from the everyday realities for a while. And since we’re all about making our guests happy, we’re there to help you out with anything you need!

Time To Reset

Come on over to your closest Timezone today to celebrate the spring holidays, refresh your mind and reset your outlook on life. Enter the Load Zone these School Holidays and get up to $80 gameplay credit. Click HERE to find out more on our Spring school holiday deals.– Keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements, or chat to one of our friendly team at your favourite Timezone.

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