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Blog Tekken Away Paper Tickets

We've Tekken Away Paper Tickets

As part of our commitment to keeping our guest and team members safe in this new world we’re entering, we’re trying to minimise touch in our venues. One of the ways we’re able to do this is by taking away Paper Tickets.

Don’t panic though, you’ll still receive the same number of tickets you would previously, it’s just now they’ll be electronic. Every time you win on a game, your Powertickets will be automatically loaded on to your Powercard ready for you to use in our redemption shop.

Now is a great time to check if you’ve registered your Powercard. If you lose your registered Powercard your e-ticket and any game credit is protected, meaning we can issue you a new card. Don’t forget to register your Powercard on your next visit.



When will this change happen?

We have taken away Paper Tickets with immediate effect, so when you next visit your local Timezone you’ll receive Powertickets straight on to your Powercard.

Will I still receive the same number of tickets when I play a game?

Yes, all games will still pay out the same number of tickets as they did previously, it’s just now you’ll receive Powertickets straight on to your Powercard.

Will the value of my power tickets change?

No. Your ticket balance remains unchanged and has the same value as before. We’ll just refer to them as Powertickets from now on.

What happens if I lose my Powercard? Do I lose my Powertickets?

Don’t worry if you have registered you Powercard, we can reissue you with a new one with your game credit and all the Powertickets you have previously won.

Not registered your card? Make sure you do next time you visit us.

I have been saving my Paper Tickets at home, what should I do?

Don’t worry you’ll still find a Ticket Munching machine in your local Timezone; however, this will only be available until the 31 December 2020. Please plan a visit to your local Timezone to cash in your Paper Tickets before this cut-off date.

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