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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Timezone Rewards?

Timezone Rewards is a loyalty program that allows you to earn rewards for playing and having fun at any Timezone venue in the Philippines. Different fun rewards and prizes await you online and offline. Get free powerload, e-tickets, exclusive benefits, and more.

What do you mean by cumulative spend?

Cumulative spend is based on the cash load accumulated in a Timezone Powercard in one particular Timezone venue. This excludes bonus loads and other credits from special offers, promotions, and Timezone gift certificates.

I am an old Platinum / Gold card holder already; will I be downgraded?

No, you get to keep your Platinum status. Existing Gold and Platinum members will also enjoy the same benefits and privileges as the new Gold and Platinum members. 

How do I become a Timezone Rewards member?

Register your card with a valid email address and you can start getting the rewards and enjoy Timezone Rewards benefits.

Can I accumulate my unredeemed FREE games?

The daily free games will expire and are refreshed daily so make sure you visit our arcade to redeem your daily free games.

Do I receive all the rewards automatically or do I still have to bring my Powercard to the counter?

  1. Some rewards are given as vouchers sent via email and SMS while some are automatically added to your card. When you get a voucher, go to the counter to redeem it.
  2. Download the Fun App to check your rewards.

How does Timezone Rewards work?

To start earning rewards, register your Timezone Powercard on the member portal. There are four levels of membership rewards. Check out the table above to see the required cumulative spend for each tier for you to enjoy the rewards.

How can I check my cumulative spend?

Log in to the Member Portal to see your card's cumulative spending.

What do I get as rewards?

Please check the Timezone Rewards table above to get to know more about the rewards you may get from each level.

Why should I register my Timezone Powercard?

Registering on the portal lets you access your card details online and gives you the following benefits. It is also the only way to enjoy loyalty rewards from Timezone. If you are not registered to the member portal, you can't start earning your rewards.

  • Reasons to sign up:
    • Enjoy Timezone loyalty rewards.
    • Safeguard your credits in case you lose your card
    • Check your e-tickets.
    • Check your membership tier progress

How can I get my birthday rewards?

You will receive your birthday reward during your birthday month through your registered email address. 

What is a mid-tier bonus load voucher?

Mid-tier bonus load voucher is the bonus load you receive when you reach the mid-accumulated balance of the next tier. You will receive an email with a voucher when you reach the mid-tier.

I didn't get my rewards, what should I do?

Don't worry, just message us on Facebook with your card details and missing rewards so we can help.

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