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Timezone - For Fun Games and Activities

Searching for the “best gaming zones near me”? When it comes to having fun, no one does it better than Timezone! Timezone provides the young and the young-at-heart with many video arcade games to play with friends and family. The activities in Timezone’s arcade game rooms will also keep everyone entertained for hours on end. If you have no idea where to go this weekend and wish to stay indoors to escape the blazing heat, just drop by any of the Timezone arcade locations around you in the Philippines.

Whether you feel like letting off some steam racing your friends over a game of Midnight MaximumTune or striking some pins at the Social Bowling alley, the Timezone arcades are the place for everyday entertainment with friends and family! Here at Timezone, the team fully understands that video games are not up everyone’s alley. This is why there are many other exhilarating fun indoor activities to play for those who like a little extra thrill when it comes to gaming at the arcade locations.

Virtual Reality (VR) games, for example, are all the rage today, and it is no surprise that the trend has also hit the shores in the Philippines. Go for a ride in the state-of-the-art 9D virtual reality simulated roller coaster ride, and you will be surprised just how realistic it feels with 9D technology.

On top of the run-of-the-mill basketball and car race arcade games, Timezone also has Bumper Cars, Laser Tag and Bowling Alleys in the game zones for fun entertainment. With prizes to win, why not gather all your colleagues after work and make your way to the nearest Timezone arcade from your office? Or you can grab your friends and family to check out the top highlights at the locations the Philippines. To accommodate the little ones visiting the game rooms, some of the arcade places also have a Mini Bowling facility. Check out the full arcade games list and start planning your next trip to Timezone.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind party experience in the Philippines? Why not throw one in an arcade? If you plan to throw a kids birthday party, make it memorable at Timezone! Your child will have a ball of a time raking up high scores and playing all the arcade games in the game rooms with their best friends on their special day.

But who said the party packages are only for kids and teenagers? Rent the arcade for your upcoming company outing or corporate event and let your employees spend a day out of the office with a lineup of fun indoor activities. Check out corporate party venues at Timezone mall locations in the Philippines today.

Want to get rewarded as you play? Get yourself a Timezone Powercard and start collecting your credits! Gone are the days when you have to exchange cash for tokens to play games at the arcade. The Timezone Powercard gives you access to any games in the arcade with just a swipe! The card will also store all remaining credits, game tickets, points, and rewards. Plus, you can reload them anytime at any of Timezone locations in the malls.

With a Timezone Powercard, you can redeem free games, birthday treats, bonus points, and many other benefits depending on the tier you are at, as long as you register for a membership with Timezone!