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Date Adventures: 3 Arcade Games for Couples On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day, sprinkle a dash of fun and a whole lot of love into the air! Across Indonesia, couples are on the lookout for unique and memorable date ideas to celebrate their special bond. While the classic movie night, candlelight dinners, and cosy staycations hold their romantic charm, introducing some playful energy into your Valentine’s date could be a delightful twist.

Timezone offers an exciting array of arcade games for lovebirds to mix up the romance with some light-hearted competition and shared smiles. Forget the serious, the mundane, and the expected! This world love day, rekindle the sparks with joysticks and high scores. Ready for an unforgettable date where laughter is the main course and love is the prize? 

Couple Arcade Games for Two at Timezone

From competitive face-offs to cooperative adventures, reaffirm your love at Timezone with these three arcade games for every type of couple. 

1. Bumper Cars

Engage in a whirlwind of fun with your partner in Timezone's Bumper Cars, where every lap around the arena is filled with laughter and playful competition. Whether you're dodging and weaving through the crowd or challenging each other to daring manoeuvres, this experience promises a unique blend of excitement and camaraderie. It's the perfect setting for a date that's anything but ordinary, inviting you both to let loose and enjoy a lighthearted battle of wits and reflexes.

Consider it your own mini-game of "two vs. the world," offering a chance to team up in a spirited "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" style adventure or go head-to-head to see who emerges as the bumper car champion. This thrilling ride not only guarantees giggles but also an adrenaline rush, making it the ideal couple game for lovebirds eager to inject their date night with an unforgettable twist of excitement.

2. Bowling

Step up to the alley where love, bowling balls and pins collide! Timezone's Bowling experience is tailor-made for couples seeking a blend of fun and challenge. With each roll, cheer each other on or spark a bit of friendly competition to see who can strike the most pins. 

Share high-fives, celebrate strikes and spares together, and enjoy playful banter that brings you closer. Bowling is an ideal couple's game for those looking to strike a balance between romance and rivalry, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Hologate

Step into the boundless realms of Hologate at Timezone, a world of immersive VR experiences that whisk you away to confront robots, outdance rivals or slay dragons. For couples, it's an exhilarating way to team up or face off in fantastical settings, testing your teamwork and competitive spirit in a universe where anything is possible. 

Make your Valentine’s Day date night a shared quest as battle side by side, becoming the heroes of your own love story or winning dance-offs like the dynamic duo you are. This is the ultimate playground for lovebirds seeking an unforgettable adventure, where every challenge is an opportunity to strengthen your bond.

Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day at Timezone

This Valentine's Day, spend a day of laughter, love, and playful rivalry with these unique arcade experiences at Timezone. Whether you're bumping cars, striking down pins, or diving into virtual worlds together, each game is a chance to deepen your connection. 

For couples looking for fun things to do in Indonesia or planning their next couple weekend activities, Timezone is a unique destination to celebrate your love. Visit a Timezone outlet near you and go on a memorable Valentine’s date filled with joy and excitement!

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