Preparing for Black Friday, the Timezone way

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Up to 20% off gift cards

It’s almost time for the traditional pre-shopping shopping frenzy, also known as Black Friday and its cute sibling Cyber Monday! Now, professional bargain hunters will know that the unprepared mind ends up with the ill-fitting T-shirt and a pair of thongs not even your uncle Frank will wear. But the team at Timezone have a Black Friday plan guaranteed to make your day…

Usually, snagging a great deal on Black Friday means committing to sleeping on the concrete in the rain in front of an electronics store in the too-small kiddies sleeping bag you bought during the last Black Friday sale. When you finally wake up (your cousin having posted a TikTok of you drooling while you sleep) you must do battle with an army of Karens, each armed with a child. The terrified look in the store manager’s eye won’t stop anyone from barging into the store to do battle for a $4 DVD you’ll never even watch because you don’t have a DVD player. You walk home, tired, sore and with a lingering feeling that we are all doomed.

But never fear: for once, the Mandalorian was wrong: this is NOT the (Black Friday) way. Timezone’s five-step guide to Winning on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will save you from loads of stress and shopping trauma and get you smiling faster than you can say “I want to talk to the manager!”

Step one: Sleep in your own bed, wake up when it pleases you and lovingly pour your day-starter coffee. Let go of any thoughts of time pressure: the deal you are after lasts all weekend and there’s plenty of stock.

Step two: Check that most of the lights on your Wi Fi thingy are green. Don’t worry if they’re not – you still have your mobile. It’s the 21st Century, baby, and you are its master.

Step three: Fire up your thumbs and go to the Timezone website. (Pro Tip: if you’re reading this you are probably already in the right place. What a winner. But if you like things even simpler, click HERE.

Step four: Pick the size of the Timezone Gift Card you want. Timezone is offering a kickass deal to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so the more you spend, the more you save! Or in other words, if you purchase a Timezone Gift Card (online only, not in-store) between 27 and 30 November, you get:

  • $100 for $90
  • $150 for $130
  • $200 for $160

This offer may be time-sensitive, but your Timezone Gift Card is not. That baby has a three-year life span… Not that you’re going to be able to stay away for that long! But it gets even better: any Timezone gift card you purchase as part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal can be used at any of our sister brand stores: that includes Zone Bowling AND Kingpin! Gift cards are a substitute for cash and can be used to purchase anything in venue, including double dollar promotions.

Step five: Let the fantasies roll. Imagine yourself as the queen of the games, master of the prize shop or basking in the adoration of your partner/cousin (not the one who took the drool video) /friend /siblings as you present them with the gift card to rule all gift cards.

And that’s it: a guaranteed way to actually enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday and come out it with something you actually like (and all of your limbs intact!).

You’re welcome.