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How to keep your Timezone Powercard safe

Wait, what’s a Powercard again?

Glad you asked! All Timezone venues use a super-simple reloadable tap Powercard system that allows you to store your credit balance and Powertickets you’ve won on the card. Simply grab a Powercard in venue, load it up with credit and swipe or tap to play away! The price of the game is automatically deducted from your card balance, and any Powertickets you win are saved on the Powercard, making it easy to swap your winning tickets for cool prizes from the Winners Vault. 

Make it official!

Add your Powercard via the member portal or Timezone Fun App. Even better, on the Fun App you can add your Powercard to your eWallet on your smartphone. So even if you forget your physical Powercard can still game on and tap & play in all Timezone venues all day. You can also top up your Powercard balance on the Fun App (available on iOS and Android), track your card activity and and stay on top of the latest deals. Wave goodbye to lost cards forever! (If you’re feeling nostalgic, you could always frame your physical Powercards – a reminder of all the good times gone by, and those yet to come…)

Did you know?

You need your Powercard to play because every Timezone game comes with a different coloured swipe/tap-to-play mechanism. Each colour defines a different arcade game category. Here’s how it works:

  • Yellow: video games & air hockey. DaytonaMario Kart, and Time Crisis… Old favourites and new kids on the block!
  • Red: games that earn you Powertickets. If you want to get your hands on the giant plushie in the Winners Vault, these are the ones to play.
  • Blue: simulator Games. Think Raving RabbidsExtreme Coaster and Typhoon... These games immerse you in spine-tingling adventures and experiences. 
  • Green: attraction Games. no, they don’t want to ask you out on a date. But they’re perfect to play if you are on a date. Mini bowling, bumper cars, laser tag… Get your friends together and play!
  • Purple: prize games. We know you've got your eye on a certain adorable plush toy.

See what games and attractions are available at Timezone here.

Reward yourself!

Being the proud owner of a Timezone Powercard means endless opportunities to reward yourself (and your friends and loved ones) with loads of fun. So, keep it safe – it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Read more about Timezone Rewards here.

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