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Holiday fun at Timezone

Hey there, parent of a school-aged kid! If you’re reading this, it likely means that the school holidays have arrived, and you’re looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained for the next few weeks. That’s a lot of time to fill… Enter Timezone: your partner in finding ways to combat boredom and keep kids happy these holidays. Here are three ways to make the most of a trip to Timezone during the school holidays.

1. One-on-one bonding

School terms are busy for both parents and children – juggling work, study, extracurricular activities, and commuting doesn’t leave much time to properly connect with your family members. During the holidays, take some time and arrange a one-on-one Timezone date with your kid. Got more than one? Get your partner to help or arrange a separate date with each kid. The two of you can dress for the occasion and plan what you’d like to do beforehand – or just show up and let the arcade games guide you. Choose partner games or challenge each other, and take some time to talk about life, the universe, and everything. Partner up with these arcade games:

  • Maimai or Dance Dance Revolution: collaborative dancing games are a super fun way to figure out how the two of you work together, and they’re great for having a laugh if your sense of rhythm is less than ideal. Just remember to limber up beforehand!
  • Tenpin bowling: yes, you’ll be playing against each other, but a game of bowling allows you to chat to your child, give tips and just watch them having fun.
  • Be brave and try a scary arcade game like Jurassic Park or The Walking Dead – there’s nothing like facing down dinosaurs together to bond a parent and child!

Remember to immortalise your date with a couple of pics in one of Timezone’s Photo Booths – next fridge magnet here we come!

2. Host a party

Timezone offers party rooms that are perfect for hosting birthday or team celebrations – but it doesn’t even matter if there’s an actual event to celebrate, the holidays are enough of an excuse to party! If you have to entertain a group of kids during the holidays, bring them to Timezone. There are loads of opportunities for interactive group play, and our range of family-friendly arcade games cater to all personality types, whether sporty, shy, or sweet.

3. Parents play too

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Parents are welcome to play at Timezone – we know you probably reached some high scores of your own on the Space Invaders arcade game back in the day… And didn’t you spend your first date pretending to lose at tenpin bowling? Challenge your (adult) friends to a throwback party at Timezone and get back in touch with that inner kid again – you’ll feel much better for a day spent creating joyful memories. (Hint: some Timezone locations even have ‘adult’ drink options on the menu, alongside delicious snacks… Just saying!)

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