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Take learning to the next level with Timezone

Teachers: they’re all deadset legends. Working day in and out to shape the minds that will one day shape our world, and not always getting thanked for it, either. So, here’s an idea: if the four walls of your classroom are closing in and you crave a breath of fresh air, why not bring your students to your closest Timezone for a classroom excursion? We have a range of special party packages curated just for school and youth groups. It’s a surprisingly effective way of taking a break and combining fun with learning – here’s why.

Exploring the power of imagination

Whether you’re heading to a famous landmark or the local zoo, classroom excursions are all about discovering new ways of looking at the world. For many students, a classroom excursion can expose them to something they might never have experienced otherwise. A visit to a Timezone offers that, and more – it’s an opportunity to discover the power of adventure and imagination. When you step into a Timezone games arcade, you don’t just enter an exciting interactive physical space, but also imaginative game spaces where creative minds have built entire worlds. It’s a powerful thing. Who knows, it may even inspire a future game creator to take that first step!

Engaging everyone

They may wear uniforms, but students are by no means… uniform (pardon the pun!). Teachers know all too well how many different personality types get mixed together in a classroom setting – and how tough it can be to keep everyone happy and engaged during a classroom excursion. A trip to Timezone offers activities that will appeal to all types of students, whether they’re shy, sporty, adventurous, brainy, or easily bored. (We know the type!) The different types of arcade games and entertainment options each have their own benefits:

  • Teamwork: games such as laser tag encourage collaborative teamwork and strategic planning – players who go rogue on their own in the arena rarely last long. (And it’s not much fun being the lone wolf, either.) Laser tag players learn to work together and have each other’s backs.
  • Problem-solving skills: activities such escape rooms emphasise lateral thinking and mental focus as well as collaborative sharing. Players must solve cryptic riddles and clues to unlock the room, and as they’re all working against the clock, there’s a sense of adrenaline-fuelled adventure, too.
  • Social skills: getting competitive in a shared space makes it easy (and important) to learn how to get along with others. Play helps us tap into empathy and teaches us how to become better winners – and losers.
  • Getting active: A game of tenpin bowling, a Maimai dance-off or a couple of rounds of shooting hoops seems like light-hearted fun – until you keep in mind that it gets students’ heart rates up, improves their hand-eye coordination, and encourages the body to move in different ways. Way better than being stuck in a chair all day!

Play is good for us

 Turns out balancing more serious classroom excursions with the occasional carefree trip to your local Timezone may be just what the doctor ordered. Many scientific studies have shown that play is good for us (yes, adults need play too!) – and incorporating play or fun activities in learning can have many benefits for students. Besides supporting their physical development, it can also relieve stress, improve social skills such as conflict resolution, and enhance emotional development (think learning persistence, self-regulation, and empathy for others). Play activities are also great to develop scientific and mathematical thinking and literacy skills. And, of course, play encourages creativity and divergent thinking.

Choose Timezone

Ready for your next classroom excursion? Add a visit to Timezone to your itinerary for an unforgettable experience for students of all ages. Remember: our friendly staff are always on hand to help you plan activities and ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone.

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