Cool things to do at Timezone Surfers Paradise

To do in Surfers Paradise

Have a first date

There are many benefits linked to choosing a games arcade such as Timezone Surfers Paradise as your first-date venue... We’ll focus on four, though:

  • One: you’ll get the see your potential significant other’s true colours come out based on the games they love or avoid, how they respond to losing (or winning!) at Air Hockey or mini bowling, and whether they’re comfortable with singing or dancing in public. (If you really want to force them into the Laser Tag arena or try Dance Dance Revolution on the first date, that is!)
  • Two: There are ample chances of impressing your date with your claw machine prowess, or bonding over favourite games such as Pinball, Pac Man or Mario Kart.
  • Three: If the date’s going well, games such as the Typhoon Motion Simulator, Walking Dead or Dark Escape 4D might bring you closer together – in a very literal sense!
  • Four: If the date’s a dud, at least you can entertain yourself with a game of Tekken 7 – the better to fight out the frustration of failure, my dear!


Have an epic birthday party

Birthdays at Timezone Surfers Paradise will go down in history as the most fun-filled, stress-free experiences you’ve ever had. Book one of our cool party rooms (you can decorate it to your heart’s content), pick your party package and let us deal with annoying details such as invites, set-up and clean up. Simply pitch up and party!


Schedule your wedding photos

This is not a drill: there has been at least one case of official wedding photos being taken at a Timezone venue. And the results came out so well that it made us realise: ALL wedding photos should be taken at a Timezone venue. Begone cheesy, posed pics of brooding bridal couples in schmaltzy fields of flowers: Bride-vs-groom Air Hockey sessions, bride-vs-bride Mario Kart races and groom-vs-groom Crossy Road smackdowns are where it’s at! Timezone Surfers Paradise is filled with colour, light and fun: the perfect backdrop to immortalising a magical memory. It brings tears to our eyes, it really does.


Blow off some steam

Having fun at Timezone Surfers Paradise isn't just for holidaymakers: those of us who need to escape the day-to-day grind of life and work will find a safe, stress-free haven among the arcade games. Race off your tension on Moto GP, go wild on Space Invaders Frenzy, beat up your boss (metaphorically) in Tekken 7... And then, soothe yourself with a sweet reward from our iconic prize shop.



Feeling the “hangry” pangs coming on? The new, revamped Timezone Surfers Paradise features a fabulous onsite café offering delicious arcade-style food and drinks, suitable for young and old and perfect for guests who want to boost their energy levels.


Do your Christmas shopping

No, really: rack up Powerpoints on your Timezone Powercard, and then spend them in the iconic Timezone Surfers Paradise prize store. But instead of just spending your Powerpoints on yourself, pick gifts that will bring joy to friends and family. Our prize stores are well-stocked with a range of high-quality branded and unique items, so you'll be sure to find something for mum, dad, Aunty Donna, your friend Greg and maybe even the family cat. It's a nice thing to do, right?


Team building

We think businesses get an unnecessarily bad rap for being “stuffy” and “corporate”. And that's why Timezone Surfers Paradise offers special team-building packages for forward-thinking businesses. Just imagine pitting the finance department against marketing in the laser tag arena... Let the Hunger Games begin!


Celebrate special days

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Star Wars’ Day... There’s always a reason to celebrate at Timezone Surfers Paradise! Keep an eye on our social pages to discover any special offers or competitions planned for special calendar days. Or if you just feel like celebrating any old Monday, come on over and we’ll help you make it an epic, everyday-day!


Get fit

Who needs a treadmill if you can spend 20 minutes on Dance Dance Revolution? Exactly. Playing different kinds of arcade games can be surprisingly good for fitness: develop some arm strength and improve your aim while shooting NBA hoops, pump up your guns with King of the Hammer: Thunder, up your adrenaline with Laser Tag, improvise on mini bowling to tighten your glutes... You get the picture. (We’re actually running the world’s most fun gym, not an arcade games venue...)


Train your brain

Our games aren't just focused on building brawn: your brain gets a workout, too! Especially on games such as Crossy Road, Stacker, Mega Colour Match and Pinball, where focus, speed, wits, strategy and a keen eye all come into play. Don’t forget about that darn hole in the Glow in the Dark Mini Golf arena. Yep, you’ll see what I mean..


Mend a broken heart

Ah, love... With seen it start at Timezone, and we’ve seen it end. If your sore heart needs some TLC, come and distract yourself at Timezone Surfers Paradise. We recommend a trip on one of the Virtual Rabbids VR attractions to transplant you from the real world of heartbreak to a bizarre world of demented fluffy bunnies. It’s guaranteed to cheer you up!


Bond and grow

Family, friends and fun are at the heart of what makes Timezone Surfers Paradise tick. There’s nothing quite like bonding with your loved ones to make you feel like all is right with the world... And if we can play a part in that happiness, it really makes our day. So come on over and join the Timezone family today!