How to make the most of your time at Timezone Surfers Paradise

Make the most of your visit

Plan ahead

First things first: if you’re a regular Timezone customer, you probably own one of our nifty Timezone Powercards. Remember that your Timezone Powercard will work at any Timezone in Australia, regardless of where you purchased it originally: so pack your Powercard in your holiday bag immediately! It will make it way easier to start playing right away, and keep all your Powerpoints consolidated on one card. For newbies: Timezone Powercards store your credit balance for easy tap/swipe-and-play action, and keeps track of all the Powerpoints you earn while playing. These points can be swapped for rewards from our iconic prize shop, so don’t lose your card! Powercards can be purchased in any Timezone venue.


Make a day of it

The newly revamped Timezone Surfers Paradise is huge, and jam-packed with an exciting range of arcade games (more than 200 of them!) and entertainment options for the whole family, including laser tag, mini bowling, bumper cars and glow-in-the-dark mini golf. You’re going to want to spend hours and hours playing, so give yourself plenty of time to browse the different options for play available before you decide what to focus on. If you’re looking to play a game of laser tag in our epic futuristic-Wakanda themed arena, remember to get in early, because it’s in demand!


Bring your friends

Having fun is always better with your friends or family around you, so rustle up your mates before you visit and make it a group outing. Many of the arcade games and entertainment options in Timezone Surfers Paradise allow for team or player-vs-player action: it’s always more fun playing Air Hockey against someone than trying to conquer the Claw Machine by yourself.

Parents will find family friendly options for all ages at Timezone Surfers Paradise, meaning that you won’t be bored while little Johnny tries to whack a Minion – you’ll be busy shooting hoops against the clock! And we know you’d like to try your hand at Pinball again, just for old time’s sake...


Pick your package

Timezone Surfers Paradise offers a range of play packages for purchase, including time or credit-based packages for a range of group sizes, solo players or events (such as birthday parties or team-building events). Check in with our friendly team in venue to make sure that you pick the optimal Timezone package for your needs. Also remember to keep an eye on the Timezone Surfers Paradise social pages: we often offer special holiday packages or in-venue competitions, so it pays to keep in the loop about what’s going on. When in doubt, just ask us – we’re always happy to help!


Game-face on

As mentioned before, Timezone Surfers Paradise boasts a vast range of the latest, greatest arcade games and entertainment options. It can be hard to choose! To help you out, we’ve picked our eight favourite games to play at Timezone Surfers Paradise – read more here. Or if you need a more strategic approach to picking arcade games to play, read our suggestions for different kinds of arcade game lovers here.


Ready, steady, refuel!

Once you’ve entered Timezone Surfers Paradise, you won’t really want to leave for boring things such as grumbling tummies... Which is why our on-site Timezone café is such a brilliant solution for hungry players and parents with peckish kids. We focus on delicious, unfussy, easy-to-eat arcade food and drinks options, suitable for young and old. Browse our menu here for more information.


Ask and you shall receive

If you feel unsure or confused at any time, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the Timezone Surfers Paradise fun squad for help or advice. We’re here to make your day easier, comfortable and more fun, after all!