Discover the six best games to play at Timezone Surfers Paradise

Best Games

Crossy Road

To be honest, we’re in two minds about this arcade game. On the one hand, it’s just so addictive! The cute graphics, jangly music, mythical yet simple storyline (help that chicken cross the road!), fast-paced play and challenging elements (Eagles! Trucks! Slippery logs!) all make Crossy Road great fun to play. But on the other hand: if you’re just not that good at keeping the chicken alive, it’s going to haunt your dreams. (We know this to be true.) You won’t be able to stop playing because you HAVE TO GET THAT CHICKEN TO ITS DESTINATION! Sorry. Our love/hate relationship with this terrible chicken and its endless quest makes Crossy Road a firm favourite.


Dance Dance Revolution

Had a rough day? Make like TayTay and shake it off on Dance Dance Revolution! There’s no better cure for the blues than to dance it away. There’s a reason why dance-based arcade games such as Dance Dance Revolution are so popular: it’s a joyous celebration of creative movement and dexterity, forces you to focus on the moment, involves the support (or competition!) of friends and family, and is just a whole lot of fun. It’s also a nifty way of getting some cardio exercise done, without having to go anywhere near a treadmill... Win!


Mini Bowling

Okay, so for full-on Big Lebowski vibes, regular ten-pin bowling is hard to beat. But we still prefer mini bowling: it’s less intimidating and easier to topple some pins, making it more fun for newbies. We’d recommend it as a way better first-date option than full-on bowling: there’s less chance for embarrassing yourself or getting too competitive with your potential sweetie pie, while still packing a big punch of fun.


Claw Machine

And now for the one we all love to hate: the notorious Claw Machine, scourge of new lovers everywhere! So you want that plushie? You really, really need that plushie? Good luck trying to convince the Claw Machine that you’re worthy. If you want it, you’re gonna have to keep working at it! Arcade Claw Machines truly are the invention of a diabolical mind. (And yet, we keep on trying, despite the odds. That Snorlax WILL BE MINE!)


Laser Tag

While not a traditional arcade game per se, Timezone Surfers Paradise boasts such an epic laser tag arena that we just had to include it in our list of favourites. Get ready for adrenaline-boosting, neon-lit action in a Futuristic-Wakandan, themed arena, against an exciting backdrop of neon lights and pulsating music. Great for team building and family bonding, we say. (Who are we kidding: it’s actually just loads of fun chasing your mates around and wiping them off the laser tag scoreboard...)


Pac Man

A true-blue original, Pac Man is the arcade game gift that keeps on giving. We’ve been invested in the adventures of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde since we were knee-high to an llama, and we’re not planning to stop guzzling dots and random pieces of fruit anytime soon. Pac Man reminds us of the early days of games arcades, the fun and the thrill and the stacks of coins and the intense struggle between man and machine... It’s why we love arcade games, and don’t plan on quitting them anytime soon!


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