How to have an epic birthday party at Timezone Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Parties

Room to play

Start by picking the right venue for your party, based on the amount of guests, the theme of your party (if you’re into themes, which we most definitely are) and the kinds of party activities you’d like to do. For example: taking 15 energetic tweens to a sit-down brunch featuring scones and Earl Grey tea might not quite work out as a memorable occasion... Not for the right reasons, anyway! So may we suggest a better idea? Timezone Surfers Paradise offers modern, bright and spacious party rooms that can be decorated to your heart’s content, and serve as home base for all partygoers, regardless of their age. That way, you don’t have to worry about carting chairs and tables around, and you’ll know that you have a hidey-hole to escape to if you need a break from all the raucous fun.


Play that funky music!

Catchy music is a key element of all parties, be it birthday parties or end-of-year office celebrations. Timezone Surfers Paradise has a state-of-the-art in-venue music system programmed to play the latest, greatest and most popular hits, no repeats, and suitable for all ages. If you’d like a special customised playlist to celebrate, say, your Dad’s 50th birthday party, we are very open to persuasion – simply have a chat to our friendly in-house team! A word of warning, though: we draw the line at the “Macarena”. Flashbacks, man...


Om nom nom nom...

It’s your party and you can feast if you want to! Good food (and enough of it!)  is key to any successful party, as is choosing the right snacks based on the age of your partygoers. Timezone Surfers Paradise’s onsite café offers a delicious menu featuring a range of yummy options that suit young and old, from pizza to stalwart favourites such as nachos and loaded fries. Timezone’s range of party packages allows you to build your own party and choose the snacks that best suit your style – and budget. Ask us about birthday cakes and options to customise your menu.


Let us entertain you

Timezone Surfers Paradise is working actively against the old cliché that “you'll always find guests in the kitchen at parties”. Our kitchen is off-limits to the general public, you see. And we’d much rather you end up in our Futuristic-Wakanda themed Laser Tag Arena. Or bowling graceful strikes on our cute mini bowling lanes. Or busting a move on Dance Dance Revolution. And slaying at Mario Kart. And winning loads of Powerpoints to spend on cool goodies in the Timezone prize shop... You get the picture. There is so much fun to be had in a Timezone, you’ll forget the kitchen even existed! (Well, up until our legendary milkshakes make an appearance, in which case we predict a sudden flash mob running back to the party room...)


No stress, no fuss

The best parties are the ones where you put in minimal effort for maximum return. And thus, may we introduce you to Timezone Surfers Paradise’s fuss-free party process: simply fill in your details and what you need for your party on our online booking form, and we’ll take care of the nitty gritty details, from sending out invites to dealing with the clean up after the last balloon has floated away... You can also phone our friendly team to find out more about options for customising your party, to make sure that you get the best deal and that all bases are covered.


Party ideas for all ages

The best thing about partying at Timezone Surfers Paradise is that it doesn’t matter what age you are: you’ll fall in love with having fun all over again! We offer a range of good value, customisable party packages for kids & teens, grown-up celebrations and group and corporate parties, such as team-building sessions or end-of-financial-year celebrations. Find out more information about how we can make your party a blast here.


Thanks for the memories

Ultimately, it’s the people we share our special days with that help create our best memories. So pick your friends wisely, then bring them over to Timezone Surfers Paradise to celebrate friends, family and fun in an epic, unforgettable way. See you soon!