How to play laser tag like a pro at Timezone Surfers Paradise

Laser Champion

Choose your threads wisely

It’s a really bad idea to rock up to Laser Tag wearing high heels, slippery sandals or any kind of fussy footwear: you’re going to be ducking and dodging lasers, and the last thing you need is to trip over your own feet while doing so. Choose comfortable shoes such as sneakers or flat boots. Also, wear dark-coloured and non-reflective clothing while playing laser tag: light colours will just make you stand out, turning you into an easy target. Yes, it’s finally time to recycle your mum’s 90’s camo jumpsuit!



Things can get pretty intense in a laser tag arena, which means you’re probably going to sweat. Make sure you drink water before going into the arena. No food or drinks in the arena, folks. If you tend to sweat a lot, top up your deodorant before going in: your fellow players will thank you! One tip: in the beginning, the arena can be quite chilly. Don’t worry though, it will warm up once you’re playing.


Get defensive

If you’re more of a lover, not a fighter, you might prefer to approach your laser tag game defensively. Try these tips:

  • Learn the layout of the laser tag arena as quickly as you can to figure out which spots offer a good vantage point, but also give you some protective cover.
  • Upper levels are good for shooting down at unsuspecting laser tag players.
  • Do the crabwalk! Walking sideways like a crab makes you a smaller target and gives you a bit more protection (and gives your legs a workout, too: bonus!).
  • Remember to keep moving – lurking in one place for too long makes you an easy target for more experienced laser tag players.
  • If you spot someone taking aim at you but you can’t duck away, try to turn sideways, instead. This makes it more difficult for them to hit your sensors.
  • Tip: defensive playing can get a bit boring after a while, especially if you just hunker down in one spot and wait for unsuspecting players to wander by. Try to mix things up and take some chances while in the arena, it will be more fun.



Adrenaline giving you the guts to jump in feet first? Here are some offensive techniques to use while playing laser tag.

  • Forget being a sniper: rapidly firing in the general direction of another laser tag player’s sensors often works better than taking the time to aim carefully. Keep your opponents on their toes! This is especially effective if you don’t have any limitations on your ammo during the game, so double check that before you start.
  • Pretend you’re in an action moving: don’t aim straight in front of you, creating a bigger target with your body; rather turn sideways so that your face is turned to your left or right shoulder, and aim in that direction. It turns you into a smaller target and feels pretty badass.
  • Has a co-worker been annoying you? In the laser tag arena, all bets are off: make sure they know they’re fair game, and go after them. Hard! Just keep your wits about you to avoid becoming someone else’s preferred target...
  • Sweep move is a technique that many experienced laser tag players use, and that could work for you. Sweep the laser gun in an arc across a single or multiple target, and then pull the trigger. The gun will fire in that pattern and you may end up tagging multiple targets.


Make the most of downtime

If you’re not the fittest, don’t worry – just identify a safe spot in the laser tag arena’s layout once you’re inside, where you can catch your breath without getting shot while doing so. And remember that when you get hit, you usually have a cooldown time of about 10 seconds where your suit and gun is disabled. Make the most of this time to catch your breath, and find a better position for yourself. You can also follow the person who just disabled you and hit back at them as soon as you power up: a dark suit will make this easier.


Have fun!


Remember: playing laser tag is about having fun. It is not about taking revenge, proving a point, stroking your own ego or putting down someone else. By all means, claim the high score and the bragging rights: but don’t be mean while doing it. And if you didn’t quite survive your first laser tag experience, try and try again. It’s the only way to become a real pro at laser tag. Happy tagging!