How to make the most of your Gold Coast holiday


Planning ahead

A little planning goes a long way, especially in a place like the Gold Coast. Gold Coast suburbs such as Surfers Paradise boast loads of entertainment options for the whole family, but also offer escape-to-nature opportunities for people who just want to chill. Consider your end goal: do you want a restful holiday to recharge mind and body? A family bonding experience? Non-stop adrenaline-boosting adventures? Or is party and play more your thing? Once youve decided, start researching the Gold Coast to pick the best spot for your needs. We recommend a site such as to get you started. When planning, remember not to cram too many activities into a day. Youre going to want to explore and play at your leisure, especially considering that most of the activities here will keep you entertained for hours.


What to pack for a Gold Coast holiday

Our motto? Less is more. Everything you need to make your holiday great is already in the Gold Coast, so dont burden yourself with loads of heavy luggage. Focus on the must-have basics: swimming costume, a good book, sunblock, a hat, flip-flops and a great attitude! (And the kids electronics. Cant forget those!) Most everything you need for an active holiday can be accessed here, either through renting from local suppliers or via your chosen accommodation option. Think snorkel gear, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, bicycles, kayaks, beach towels, pool noodles... Less luggage to cart around! There are also a huge variety of stores and retail outlets around if you realise youve forgotten something.


Travelling in the Gold Coast

Once you arrive, get yourself a ‘Go-Card’ – it’s your passport to access all the public transport options in the Gold Coast and surrounds. More information here:

You can also choose to walk or cycle (fitness FTW!), or hire a car from the local airport if you’re planning to venture a bit further afield.


Getting in touch with nature

Whether you’re a landlubber or a water rat, the Gold Coast offers the most amazing opportunities to get in touch with nature. Surf, swim, snorkel, kayak on the ocean, and walk, run or cycle through the beautiful natural bushland in areas. You can also get up close and personal with local flora and fauna at places such as the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: pet kangaroos and pose with koalas to your heart’s content! Find out more here:


Keep an eye on the weather

The Gold Coast is famed for its lovely weather – but that doesn’t mean that it’s always sunshine and roses. Bring at least one warmer item of clothing, and consider a lightweight raincoat. When the rain comes down, or the scorching heat makes you crave some cool sanctuary, pop into Timezone Surfers Paradise: it’s a haven for all ages on a rainy day, offering loads of family friendly arcade games and entertainment options, an in-store café and a prize store stocked with loads of goodies to reward intrepid players. You can try your hand at laser tag, mini bowling, bumper cars, glow-in-the-dark mini golf and more than 200 arcade games. Rain? What rain? Timezone Surfers Paradise is also a cool escape on a sweltering summer’s day: our aircon revives tired, sweaty  travellers on the regular. So come on in and play!


Something for everyone

The Gold Coast is truly a magical holiday destination, jam packed with things to do and places to play. So when the kids start asking “where are we going?”, tell them to get ready for an epic experience!