Established in 1978, the first Timezone Family Entertainment Centre opened in Perth, Western Australia. Unlike the traditional pinball parlors and pool halls of the era, Timezone was the first family oriented video amusement facility. This family emphasis is still a key focus of the brand today.


TIMEZONE, a joint venture between Ayala Land Inc. and TEEG, is the country’s leading Family Entertainment Center (FEC) with over 50 outlets nationwide. Following its success in Australia, Timezone went international in 1995. Today, Timezone has established a strong foothold in more than 200 locations, operating in Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. Click here to discover Timezone in other regions.


The word FAMILY as contained in the acronym FEC constitutes Timezone’s primary market catering to the Filipino family’s needs which include seeking entertainment venues for bonding and creating collective, happy memories. A strong secondary market sector consists of upwardly mobile, working young adults and couples who enjoy Timezone as a stress-relieving setting to meet colleagues and friends alike. Lastly, for teenagers, Timezone is a safe rendezvous where good friends meet and new friendships are formed within a wholesome, dynamic and competitive environment. Timezone offers the widest array of simulator, redemption, park rides and kiddie rides. The brand pushes to offer top-of-the-line machines that will add to the experience that is Timezone.

TIME FOR FUN is a catchphrase that deftly captures the heart and spirit of Timezone. This is a brand that represents a fun, entertainment venue where customers venture into another dimension, or ‘Timezone’. In effect, the brand Timezone is fast becoming, if not already has become, the very definition and equivalence of such entertainment centers as a whole.

There is simply no other local brand in the country’s FEC industry that elicits as much appeal, recognition and countrywide draw as TIMEZONE.