Heart-Racing Bumper Cars at Timezone Philippines

Bumper Car Arenas in the Philippines

Timezone Bumper Car Arenas in the Philippines

Look forward to a whirlin’ good ride when you step into the Timezone Spin Zone. Featuring Krazee Whirl Bumper Cars straight from the USA, this is an indoor play experience like no other. Each car is equipped with LED lights for a truly psychedelic experience, as well as dual joysticks so you can achieve an awesome full-circle spin.

Playing Bumper Cars at Timezone

Here’s how you can make your Bumper Car experience truly unforgettable:

  • Battle it out: Challenge friends and family to a friendly duel with Timezone’s Bumper Cars, and find out who can bump their way to victory.
  • Team up: Divide your group into teams, strategize, and collaborate to dominate the arena.
  • Enjoy with kids: Timezone Bumper Cars are not just for adults, but younger riders too. Bond with your kids and create lasting memories as you navigate the arena together.
Playing Bumper Cars at Timezone

Timezone Philippines Locations with Bumper Cars

If you’re in Novaliches and looking for “bumper cars near me” – you’re in luck! Timezone Fairview Terraces 2F is currently the only Timezone Philippines location with Bumper Cars for adults and children.

Once you and your kids have exhausted yourself in the Spin Zone, head to Timezone Fairview Terraces 4F to enjoy Timezone arcade games and more in one place. Use your Timezone Powercard to earn e-Tickets that you can exchange for exciting prizes at the Timezone Prize Shop!

Bumper Cars FAQs


Bumper cars are still commonly referred to as “bumper cars” today. However, they were originally called “dodgem cars” by their inventors. Other names for them include “bumping cars”, “bumpy cars”, and more. At Timezone, there’s the Krazee Whirl Bumper Cars suitable for riders of all ages. If you live in or nearby Quezon City, head on down to the Fairview Terraces location to experience them for yourself!


Bumper cars are powered by an electric current, which is typically provided through a conductive floor and ceiling. The car’s body is connected to a pole that touches the ceiling, creating a complete circuit that powers the car. The rubber bumpers surrounding the vehicle help absorb impacts and keep riders safe while they enjoy the exciting collisions and dodges.


Bumper Cars turn by using a steering mechanism that controls the front wheels. When a rider turns the steering wheel, the front wheels change their direction, causing the car to pivot and change its course. The rear wheels remain fixed, allowing the car to spin in a circle. The Krazee Whirl Bumper Cars at Timezone Philippines even come with dual joysticks for a more dynamic turning experience.