Indoor Family Entertainment: 5 Activities to Beat the Heat This Summer in the Philippines

Indoor Family Funx Grames

In the Philippines, the months from March to May mark the hottest period of the year, locally known as summer. During this sweltering season, families often seek refuge in cooler, enjoyable environments where they can bond and make the most of the dog days. Timezone Philippines stands out as an ideal destination for such escapes, offering a respite from the heat with its air-conditioned, vibrant, and engaging spaces. As one of the best entertainment centers in the Philippines, Timezone provides a diverse range of family-friendly entertainment options, from Air Hockey to Arcade Games, ensuring that every family outing is packed with excitement and cherished moments.

In this blog, we explore five fantastic indoor activities available at Timezone Philippines that are perfect for families looking to enjoy a fun-filled summer vacation. These engaging attractions offer a delightful escape from the heat, promising memorable experiences and a treasure trove of laughter and joy for all ages.

Cool Off with These 5 Exciting Family Activities

Timezone Philippines invites families to dive into a world of entertainment, providing a refreshing retreat from the summer heat. Here are five high-energy games that guarantee a blast for every family member.

1. Air Hockey FX

Transform your family outing into an electrifying experience with Air Hockey FX at Timezone Philippines. This isn't just any air hockey game – it's a futuristic adventure brought to life with dazzling multi-color LED lighting and a cutting-edge design that adds a whole new dimension to this classic game. Engage in a friendly competition where sharp reflexes and a spirited rivalry create a lively atmosphere filled with laughter and excitement. Perfect for family entertainment and a great indoor activity, Air Hockey FX promises not just to beat the summer heat but also to strengthen family bonds through exhilarating gameplay. It's an essential stop during your summer vacation, offering a unique and memorable way to enjoy time with your loved ones.

2. Bumper Cars

Dive into a whirl of excitement with Krazee Whirl, Timezone Philippines' unique take on the classic bumper car experience. Far from ordinary, these bumper cars are a spectacle of vibrant LED lights and innovative dual joystick controls, allowing for a captivating, fully immersive spinning adventure. Available at Timezone Fairview Terraces, Timezone Trinoma and Timezone SM Southmall, Krazee Whirl adds an extra layer of thrill to your family outings. Ideal for families seeking fun things to do over the weekend, this ride promises to inject your summer break with an adrenaline rush that's as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. 

3. Bowling

Bowl to your heart’s content at Timezone Philippines’ bowling alleys, where every roll and strike brings families closer together. Timezone redefines the traditional bowling experience with its unique Social Bowling and Mini Bowling options, catering to all ages and skill levels. Social Bowling features shorter lanes, adding a fun twist that's enjoyable for both seasoned players and newcomers, making it an ideal choice for a casual family outing. Meanwhile, Mini Bowling offers a scaled-down version of the excitement, perfectly tailored for the little ones in your family, ensuring that everyone gets to join in the fun. At Timezone, bowling is a delightful opportunity to bond, laugh, and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

4. Arcade and VR Games

Embark on a digital adventure at Timezone Philippines, where the future of entertainment comes alive with an extensive array of Arcade Games and VR Games. Dive into the Hologate Arena, where families are transported into an immersive virtual reality world, offering experiences that range from fantastical journeys to adrenaline-pumping action. The 9D VR Simulator Ride takes this excitement to new heights, combining state-of-the-art virtual reality with dynamic motion, creating a thrilling amusement park-like experience. 

For fans of the iconic game, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is an absolute must-play, offering a unique twist on the beloved franchise. These games at Timezone are more than just play; they're about weaving unforgettable stories and adventures, making them perfect for family outings, especially during the summer vacation. Each visit promises a new, exciting chapter in your family’s collection of memories, solidifying Timezone's status as one of the best entertainment centers in the Philippines.

5. Karaoke 

Unleash your family’s musical talent in Timezone Philippines' Karaoke Rooms. These rooms aren't just any singing spaces; they are state-of-the-art, private environments where families can enjoy a mix of the latest hits and beloved classics. Perfect for every kind of singer, from the shower soloists to the seasoned performers, these Karaoke Rooms offer a cozy and intimate setting for families to express themselves and share musical moments. Whether you're looking to showcase your vocal skills or just want to have fun belting out tunes together, Timezone's Karaoke Rooms provide a unique and joyful experience. They are an ideal choice for a fun indoor activity, adding a melodious twist to your family entertainment options during the weekends.

Make Unforgettable Memories This Summer Break at Timezone Philippines

This summer, elevate your family time with a visit to Timezone Philippines, where endless fun awaits. Here, each game, from the energetic Krazee Whirl bumper cars to the dynamic Air Hockey, offers a unique opportunity to deepen bonds and create lasting memories. Not to mention, you can enjoy membership perks and exclusive promotions when you download the Timezone Fun app, as well as win wonderful prizes.

Whether you're looking for fun places to go with your family or seeking a reprieve from the heat, Timezone Philippines stands as your ultimate destination. So, embrace the summer break and make it unforgettable by exploring any Timezone near you today.