Air Hockey FX

Have a FUN experience with the Air Hockey FX with its multi-color LED lighting.

Cruisn’ Blast

Cruise into the new millennium as players zoom 200 mph through different parts of the world with the Cruisn’ Blast machine.

Fast and Furious Super Bikes and Super Cars

The game inspired by the hit movie franchise is here, speed your way through the tracks and be the first to cross the finish line.

Pac-Man Mania

One of the OG of arcade games, play as Pac-Man, escape the ghost gang and eat all the dots.

Maxi Claw

Put your prizes up for grabs with the Maxi Claw, have everyone try their luck and skill to get their prize.

Shining Crane

With its bright and attractive LED lights, the shining crane will attract anyone and try their luck to get their prizes

Pump It Up

Bust your moves and dance along over 80 songs with your friends and get the highest score.

Snapshot 2

Have a mini studio in your place to capture the moments instantly with the Snapshot 2 photo booth.

Slam N Jam Sr

He shoots, he scores! With a full-size basketball game in any location, compete with anyone to reach the highest score!

Speed of Light

With its unique design and unique gameplay, Speed of light gains a lot of attraction to test their skills to have the highest score.

Sound Stage

Have your own stage, have the spotlight, and hit the high notes with our Sound Stage karaoke booth.

Win Everytime

The claw machine that will never let you lose. Even if you did not get the big prize, get ready to play again for your sweet prize.

Time Crisis 4

The shooter style arcade game machine is here, in which players can work together or go solo. Shoot your way through the end with Time Crisis 4.