Timezone Philippines’ Bowling Facilities

Revel in the joy of Mini Bowling, where kids and beginners can join in the excitement with smaller balls and shorter lanes. Simply put, it’s a scaled-down version of the classic Ten-Pin Bowling game. For those seeking a lively experience with friends, Social Bowling features vibrant lighting, energetic music, and a spirited atmosphere — the perfect setting for parties and gatherings among friends or colleagues. 

Swipe your Timezone Powercards at a Bowling Lane and let the fun begin! The best Family Entertainment Center, Timezone Philippines knows what it takes to hype up your weekend or holiday plans.

Make Every Strike Count

Experience the thrill of the best Bowling Arenas at Timezone Philippines in these fun ways:

  1. Challenge your family to a family face-off, including the kiddies. The winners skip chores for a week.
  2. Engage in a high-stakes game among friends. Get competitive and flex those muscles.
  3. Enjoy a laid-back session to unwind after a long day. Crack up at awkward throws and take pictures for ‘gram.

Timezone Philippines Bowling Venues

Discover the perfect Bowling Area near you at these Timezone locations situated in malls and entertainment centers:

Bowling Venues in Metro Manila:

  • Timezone Ayala Malls Manila Bay for Bowling
  • Timezone Alabang Town Center Arcade
  • Timezone Ayala Malls Feliz Arcade
  • Timezone Ayala Malls Circuit
  • Timezone Market Market
  • Timezone Greenbelt 3
  • Timezone Fairview Terraces 2F
  • Timezone Vertis North Mall
  • Timezone Robinsons Magnolia
  • Timezone Robinsons Place Manila 2F
  • Timezone SM Aura Premier

Bowling Venues in South Luzon:

  • Timezone Robinsons Lipa

Bowling Venues in Visayas:

  • Timezone Ayala Malls Central Bloc

Frequently Asked Questions about Timezone Philippines’ Bowling

Start by selecting a comfortable, lightweight ball. Next, position yourself at the center of the approach area and focus on your target—the center of the bowling lane. Take a few steps forward, swing the ball back, and release it smoothly towards the pins. Remember, practice makes perfect! And there’s no better place than to practice at Timezone Entertainment Center’s Bowling Lanes!

In Ten-Pin Bowling, each player gets two chances (balls) per frame to knock down all the pins. There are ten frames in a standard game, giving you a total of 20 balls to showcase your skills and rack up points.

Bowling is a versatile and inclusive activity that brings people together. Its easy-to-learn nature, combined with the satisfaction of hitting the pins, makes it a delightful experience for everyone. Whether you're playing with family, friends or coworkers, Timezone Philippines’ Bowling Venues offer a fun, relaxed environment to unwind and create lasting memories. Enjoy the same across other games and activities, such as Bumper Cars and Arcade Games.