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Family activities: 3 ways to spend quality time with kids

Finding the perfect mix of family activities that cater to everyone's interests can be challenging, yet it's crucial for creating lasting memories with your kids. Timezone Vietnam simplifies this quest by offering a variety of activities for kids and adults alike, ensuring your family days out are filled with joy and bonding. Whether it's the excitement of arcade games, the thrill of bowling, or the laughter-inducing bumper cars, Timezone is your go-to entertainment centre for a variety of fun things to do with your kids, making every moment together unforgettable.

1. Strike Up Some Fun with Bowling for All Ages

Bowling stands out as an all-time favourite for families looking to blend fun, laughter, and a bit of friendly rivalry. 

At Timezone Vietnam, the fun bowling experience is tailored to suit everyone, from adults to young children. While adults can bask in the lively vibe of Social Bowling, the little ones are not left out thanks to Mini Bowling. This kid-friendly version of bowling features lighter balls and shorter lanes, making it perfect for even toddlers to join in. 

They can have a blast setting up pins and sending their balls down the lanes, all while learning the ropes of bowling. Beyond just fun, it's an excellent activity for developing coordination and sportsmanship, all within the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of Timezone Vietnam. 

2. An Exciting World of ArcadeGame Adventures

Arcade games at Timezone Vietnam offer an expansive and exciting experience for visitors of all ages, blending a mix of strategy, adventure, and skill-based challenges. 

From the enchanting journey of collecting treasures in The Wizard of Oz, perfect for younger children and groups, to the team-based, action-packed adventure of Zombie Outbreak that encourages cooperative play and strategic thinking. Not forgetting the precision-focused challenge of Crazy Tower appealing to older kids and adults alike. Timezone ensures there are fun arcade games for everyone. 

3. Bump Up the Fun: Unforgettable BumperCar Rides

Nothing beats the exhilarating joy of bumper cars, and Timezone Vietnam has perfected this experience with a dynamic arena that promises pulse-racing excitement. Take the driver's seat, zip around the vividly coloured track, and enjoy the playful collisions with family and friends—all within the confines of a secure setting. Witness joyous laughter and wide smiles as kids (and adults alike) master their driving skills, engaging in friendly chases and gentle bumps. It's an exhilarating way to create lasting memories filled with fun and laughter for everyone involved.

Extra Thrills at Timezone’s Prize Shop

Adding to the excitement, Timezone's Prize Shop allows players to turn their game victories into tangible rewards. This feature introduces an extra layer of excitement and competition, as families can collect tickets from games to redeem for a wide range of prizes. It’s not just about the fun of playing but also the joy of winning something to take home, making every visit to Timezone even more memorable.

Visit Timezone Vietnam for Unforgettable Family Fun

With its diverse mix of games and the added excitement of prize-winning, Timezone Vietnam is your go-to destination for a fun time with the family. Whether it's sharing laughs over a game of bowling, teaming up in arcade game adventures, or enjoying the friendly competition of bumper cars, Timezone has something for everyone.

Visit Timezone locations in Vietnam today and discover a world of fun, excitement, and memories waiting to be made. It's not just about playing games; it's about creating moments that families cherish forever.

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