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Playtime changes to Timezone

So, you’ve been googling ‘what happened to Playtime’, have you? Still? Because it’s been years since Playtime joined the Timezone family – and the fun just hasn’t stopped. We think it’s time to visit your closest Timezone ASAP to find out what the hype’s about! Here’s everything you need to know about the change.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the news: Playtime has joined the Timezone family. This means your local Playtime venue has changed to a shiny new Timezone, filled to the brim with the latest, greatest arcade games and family-friendly entertainment attractions. Think Laser tag. Tenpin bowling. Bumper cars. Delicious food at on-site cafés in selected Timezone venues. So many party rooms waiting for you to celebrate your birthday. Change is good – it’s time to get in the fun zone!

Which Playtime venues have changed to Timezone?

What’s happening at Playtime Blacktown, Playtime Crown & Playtime Chermside?


Playtime to Timezone FAQs

 Got questions about selected Playtime venues joining the Timezone family? We’ve got answers.

Q: I’ve only just noticed that Playtime became Timezone: can I still change my Playtime card to a Timezone Powercard?

A: Nope, we’re afraid not – that window of opportunity has come and gone. It’s been years, after all. But you can get your hands on a brand-new Timezone Powercard in any Timezone venue – find out everything you need to know about Timezone Powercards and member rewards here.

Q: What does this mean for your local entertainment venue?

A: We have rebranded selected Playtime venues to join the Timezone family. The name has changed, but you can still rely on the helpful team for new arcade game info, assistance with planning your birthday parties or office celebrations, and general awesomeness.

Q: Will the games and attractions change?

A: Timezone is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest arcade games and attractions. Some Playtime venues were upgraded and refurbished, which means some of your favourite games may have moved to another store. Ask the in-venue team at your closest Timezone about any games you’ve been missing! (And get a sneak peek of the games and attractions you can play at Timezone here.)

Q: Will my Playtime Playcard still work in my local Timezone venue?

A: No – the Timezone Powercard has taken its place. This is a good thing, since a Timezone Powercard gives you access to all Timezone venues no matter where you purchased your Powercard, and it’s also a nifty way of saving all the Powerpoints earned while you tapped and swiped your way through hours of play. Find out about all the ways to play at Timezone here.

Q: Will my points + credit transfer across to Timezone?

A: Nope – the deadline to transfer points and credits from a Playtime Playcard to a Timezone Powercard has long since been and gone. Let it go, it’s time to start over.

Q: Can I use a Timezone Powercard in any Zone Bowling or Kingpin venue?

A: Yes! Timezone Powercards work in all Zone Bowling and Kingpin venues!

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