Arcade Games

Bored of your video games at home? At Timezone Australia, we have loads of arcade games for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy a fun family outing, romantic date, gathering with friends, or even just a little me-time as you play away with a Powercard in hand.

Check out the latest arcade games from around the world at an arcade near you!


Whether you enjoy the Mini Bowling experience with smaller bowling balls or are looking for the full weight of a 15-pound bowling ball, we have plenty of options for the avid bowler. You’re guaranteed to have a ball at our bowling alley, so get the fun times rolling today!

Bumper Cars


Relieve some frustration and lose control in our bumper car arenas. Strap in solo or find a partner to ride with as you bump and dodge your way to bumper car domination.

Laser Tag

Upping your adrenaline levels to superhero status has never been easier – just get your tag team of friends together, slip into your gear, set your laser phaser on “stun” and blast away!

Glow Golf

3 Different themes. 12 holes. Glow in the Dark Mini Golf has never been this exciting! Grab your mini golf club and get ready for a tee-rrific time. 

Escape Rooms


Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and escape the room before your time is up? If so, our escape rooms are waiting for you, but be warned — they aren’t for the faint-hearted.