Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and escape the room before your time is up?

At Timezone Eastland we have introduced the ultimate test of skill… Cryptology Escape Rooms will have you racking your brains and putting your teamwork to the test! Think you can survive being in a locked room with your best mates for just 60 minutes? These escape rooms might just prove you wrong … Test your skills and see if you can survive and make it out alive.

Form a team between 2 & 6 people (over 14 years old) and get ready to put your minds together to defeat mind-boggling puzzles, clues, and hints. You will be briefed by your game master and then it’s over to you to piece together the clues that unlock each part of the puzzle and open the door within 60 minutes…

Where Are The Timezone Escape Rooms Near Me?

Located in Victoria, Timezone Eastland is where you want to be if you’re looking for the best escape room in Australia. We’ve got two unique escape rooms to test your skills: Blackbeard’s Cabin and Pharaoh’s Curse.


Off Peak 7 days: Open till 6pm $100
Shoulder Sun – Thu: 6pm till close $100
Peak Fri / Sat: 6pm till close $150

Are you up for the challenge? 

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Blackbeard’s Cabin

You managed the impossible….

And found your way into the cabin of the cruellest pirate of all time, known as ‘The Blackbeard’. You have one hour to find the hidden treasure before sunrise and he returns with his crew back to the ship. Be warned, the wrath of Blackbeard is deadly

Cryptofactor: 8/10 (Trickily Difficult 14+ years only)

Pharaoh’s Curse

One door separates you…

You have finally reached the great hall and there is only one door separating you from Tutankhamun’s tomb where you will finally unlock the pharaoh's secret. Be warned, if you’re longer than an hour you will be cursed forever!

Cryptofactor: 9/10 (Extra Challenging 14+ years only)