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Outnumbered is a highly competitive target shooter. Players guided through a stage of their choosing, shooting down targets as they race against the clock to reach the end of the stage. Scores are calculated based on a combination of speed (how many seconds are left on the clock at the end of the stage) and accuracy (bullseyes are worth 100 points plus add to your bonus).

At the end of each game, players are rewarded with XP, in game currency, and potential weapon component unlocks. Using the Outnumbered: WeaponForge companion app, players can forge new weapons that can be used on their next game play, compete on global leaderboards, and grow their status, levelling up and unlocking achievements.

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Kingpin Crown

Are You Ready To Win Big?

Align the claw with the prize you want to grab, then drop your claw and pick it up.

Enjoy the game with the other player.

They Don't Call Them Happy Birds For A Reason

One of the most popular mobile games ever made is now a gorgeous arcade redemption game centrepiece.

Full Throttle Entertainment

Always wanted to race a Lambo through the bustling streets of London? Or maybe a Corvette through a thrilling, chilling Death Valley track?

Immerse yourself in the spine-tingling action of Cruis’n Blast! Well, we say immerse, but actually we mean careen through it at high speed, blowing stuff up, shouting along to a killer soundtrack and tackling some eerily real tracks thanks to a new immersive cockpit simulator loaded with HD supercomputer graphics and effects. Ready, Player One? Blast off!

Load, Aim, Fire!

Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills take The Big Buck Hunter series in Hi Def to create Big Buck HD, the most realistic and entertaining arcade hunting game ever created.

Enjoy the game with the other player.


The Zombies are here and you have to fight them off. Use the cool crossbow to shoot arrows and save yourself and the other survivors.  This full cabinet game has impressive graphics and is great fun. It does come with a MA 15 rating so take care.

The Zombie Apocalypse is not far away and to be honest if you haven’t been slowly preparing for the outbreak then you have not been watching enough TV. Having binge-watched the AMC hit television series, it’s time to get down to business with the arcade experience that is The Walking Dead. We’ve gotten down to the nitty gritty of this survival-adventure-shooter to give you in the feature that the end of the world has been waiting for!

Tips & Tricks

Survival is your number one goal, so we have got a few tips to keep you from becoming a Zombies breakfast.

  • Don’t shoot your friends or partners in the game, because you will lose life
  • Having a friend makes light work. 2 players will cover more ground and also take out double the zombies
  • Headshots are key! A zombie without a brain is a zombie with no ideas…

All the Details

What we love about The Walking Dead is the inclusion of not only Darryl’s crossbow, which has a really cool reload style, but also the amazing cabinet design. With it’s life like signage and the barbwire roof, it feels like you are stepping into the show and your heart rate instantly rises as you experience this custom storyline put together by the team at Raw Thrills.

Stack Them Floors!

Stack ’em high and win prizes from the top shelf! The crazy hologram on this game is very addictive game. But beware, you’ll need razor sharp reflexes.


We Are Off To See The Wizard

Don’t be a Cowardly Lion, Dorothy: just follow the yellow brick road to discover untold riches! Collect all the special edition Wizard of Oz cards to make your friends emerald green with envy, or swap your tokens for prize shop goodies. It’s always a win, just tap your ruby red slippers!

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Well, it didn’t. You weren’t quick enough. Your strategy was wrong. The chicken is judging you – despite being flat in the middle of the road. You’ve made the Bald Eagle proud. For shame. Try again. Do better!

Crossy Road

Nothing seems to go past the arcade classics like the original Space Invaders, Asteroids or the classic Frogger. That’s why when it comes to favourites for us at Playtime, Crossy Road is at the top of our lists. The simple, yet super addictive arcade adventure has some of the best parts from a lot of our favourite games.

Tips & Tricks

Crossy Road is one of the most simple mechanical operating games in Playtime venues! There is one big button for either Player 1 or Player 2 and it’s as simple as that. Hit the button to go forward and make sure you don’t get squished by that car, run over by that train or go splash in the river!

We’ve got a few tricks that you can keep up your sleeve whilst challenging for that High Score:

  • Take your time when crossing! As long as the bottom of the screen doesn’t catch you, there is no need to rush to the next line
  • Bounce on the Hipster! Use the Hipster Whale in the river to get and extra bounce onto the next log.
  • Use the logs to your advantage! Don’t get caught in the corner of the map, use the logs in the river to reset your character to the middle of the game.

All the Details

Fun fact for those playing at home, the wonderful people who made Crossy Road are all Aussies! The crew, known as Hipster Whale, originally came up with the idea and released Crossy Road as a Mobile App. Following the games massive success they decided to bring the game to the arcades! Fun fact for all you fans out there, the game was only made in 12 weeks , after originally making the game in 6, but spending another 6 making sure everything was perfect!

Now we don’t think we need another reason to tell you why you should be playing this beauty, so why not find your nearest Playtime venue and load up that Playcard with some Bonus Bucks and grab those tickets till your heart is content.

Game On!

These cheeky flappers are considering a class action lawsuit against incompetent players – they’re kind of tired of bashing their brains out against random drainpipes… Those cute helmets only go so far! Feel like relieving their headaches and giving them a wing up? You’re on!

Warm Up The Vocal Chords

Roommates screaming at you for belting out Lady Gaga in the shower? Cat refusing to come down from the tree it’s hiding in? Despair not, intrepid wannabe popstars: we have the solution! Karaoke booths are the perfect place to hone your skills, up the volume, hit those high notes and still be assured of a place to sleep tonight. You can work on the versatility of your repertoire: each booth comes equipped with an impressive playlist of songs – from old favourites to the new kids on the music block. Simply hit the touch screen to choose by artist, title, genre or the top 20 most popular songs – then add it to your playlist. Best of all? The booths are private, so you can work away until you feel ready to take over the world and sing for your supper. All this without distressing small children, random passers-by and those with impossible musical standards…

Make Sure You Stretch First!

Get footloose and freestylin’ with Pump It Up Prime 2: your five-panel route to ultimate dance fitness! We have it on good authority that Olivia Newton-John trained for Physical on one of these babies. (That’s a lie: it was actually Cindy from accounts who perfected her breakdancing routine. She’s still in traction.) So, think you’ve got rhythm? Bring it, Olivia!

Red! Orange! Green! GOOOOO

Bow down before one of the most successful video games to ever get engines revving! Sega’s driving masterpiece was released in 1993, and it’s not dead yet. In fact, you’re probably going to queue to get your shot at that legendary gear stick… So, get in early – we promise to pull store manager Luis off the controls!

The 90s welcomed a new era of gaming for kids and teens alike, bringing players from far and wide to their local cinema or arcade hall to challenge their friends or top high scores. But no game has had an effect on the video game industry, than the classic racer, Daytona. The realistic gear shifting matched with the high speed raceways let young people get their first real taste of driving from the safety of an arcade cabinet. Now if you have never had a chance to race, we’ve got the details to get you in first place.         

Tips & Tricks

First things first, Daytona may look like a simple racing game, but there is a lot more to it that meets the eye. Here are our tips to scoring that time extension and finishing on the podium every time:

  1. Take it easy on the shifting and make sure you hit the top RPM before you move up to the next gear. There’s no point wasting speed by shifting early or shifting late!
  2. Pull out the Gear Drift. This techniques involves shifting into 2nd gear on those tight turns and then shifting back into 3rd before you straighten out.
  3. Lucky last but not least important is don’t hit those breaks in your turn. Because if you do, you will be all over the road sliding out!

All the Details

As far as this game goes, Daytona requires no introduction and is a household name when it comes to arcades all over the world. Sega has done an amazing job refurbishing the classic arcade cabinet and has left the classic racing simulator in its prime but also added a modern flair with updated graphics and a higher frame rate for all players to enjoy.

Can You Beat The Best?

If John Snow ever had the opportunity to play some Pinball, he might actually have known something. Like, how to put the ball in Cersei’s court. Geddit? No? Sorry. Okay: when you feel winter chewing at your innards, bring your ball skills over to Timezone to tackle kings, knights, knaves and an animated, interactive dragon – all for the privilege of resting your butt on the rather spiky iron throne. All together now: TOOto totoo TOOOto tooto TOOOOtoo…

Feel It All In 3D

Shake, rattle and roll in this kickass 3D media-based motion simulator – perfect for date nights! No jokes: Typhoon can seat two people and includes 15 immersive films. It can even deliver up to 2G Forces of Acceleration… Films include stuff like Astro Pinball, Rats Race, Safari Adventure and Snow Ride. For date night, we recommend Haunted Mine – if you play your cards right, all the scares, shaking and dropping might just bring you closer together!

Rabbids, Foes Not Friends

This is an important reminder: they might look cute, but DO NOT PET THE RABBIDS! In fact, we recommend shooting them as quickly as you can. Especially since they’re trying to invade Hollywood, and frankly, Hollywood can’t take much more rabbid looney tunes. You’ll have to fumigate three different movie sets during this four-player adventure. You might look at your pet bunny a bit differently afterwards… (No animals were harmed during the making of this game!)

Love Fluffy Bunnies?

Want to cuddle them all day long, watching their cute little noses twitch? This game isn’t for you. It is for you if you have the guts to try out the wacky world of Virtual Rabbids in the first attendant-free VR attraction for games arcades! This all-ages experience includes 360-degree views and action in every direction with three unique experiences full of twists, turns, thrills and the occasional crazy rabbid shouting in your face. Aren’t they just the sweetest? (Uhm, no.)

Comes with HTC VIVE headsets, accurate motion base by D-BOX and dynamic wind simulation. Not included: actual fluffy

Throw Down The Icy Challenge

Looking for addictive action that won’t lead to cuts, ice burns (yes, there is such a thing), and time outs in the sin bin huddling next to huge, smelly jocks? May we present: Air Hockey! Only the best way ever to solve disputes… Want to stay out after curfew? Challenge your dad to a game of air hockey – and win. Want to test whether your date is a good loser? Air Hockey. Tired of flipping coins to determine who needs to read the kids a bedtime story? Air Hockey. We think Air Hockey matches should be mandatory in parliament, frankly…

Sweet, Sweet Candy

The tinkly music, the pastel colours, the tempting, tantalising glint of coins and sweet, sweet candy… Big Sweetland is hard to miss, and even harder to resist. Not that you should try to: Big Sweetland combines your sugar craving with the chance to win lovely goodies from the prize shop, so push away!

Are Two Wheels Better Than Four?

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as settling into the seat of a superbike, revving the engines and thumbing your nose at the weaklings who presume to race against your superior skills…

(Rossi? Pah! Valentino? Try again!) MotoGP will get your heart pounding, and adrenaline pumping through your veins! Best of all: the stunning HD display, front-facing camera and front-mounted fan will make you FEEL the thrill. Ready? Set… Go! Go! Go!

Wanted: Someone To Save The World.

Key attributes: two-pedal friendly feet. (The better to dodge and shoot with, my dear!) Suitable appreciation of Unreal Engine technology. Excellent time management abilities. Nerves of steel. You know, the usual stuff. So, think you’re the next Jack Bauer? Stop loitering in the corner and get playing! Stat!

Master Chief Calls You To Battle

Unveiled to the Australian Market on July 26th, Halo Fireteam: Raven has brought the console-based experience to life in an immersive multiplayer experience.

You play as the Fireteam Raven ODST squad which takes place during the events of Halo Combat: Evolved. Play like never before in an all new immersive multiplayer arcade system, boasting a colossal 130 inch widescreen, 4k Gameplay and co-op modes in a gaming experience set to blow your mind!

Dark Escape 4D – Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Zombie?

Bandai Namco horror shooter arcade game

Ever wondered if that’s an actual zombie you can feel breathing down your neck…?

Well, with Dark Escape 4D, Bandai Namco’s spine-chilling immersive horror shooter, it really is! Get ready for a serious adrenaline rush…

The story…

You’re stuck in a creepy horror-loving dude’s idea of a fun Friday night: a deadly game where the only way out is to shoot through four levels of increasingly scary critters and zombies, all of them wanting your bluuurd! (Or brains, for the fussier eaters…)

Best bits…

Awesome cabinet design, 3D glasses, vibrating seat, 5.1 Surround Sound, recoiling weapons, 3D air blast (the better to breathe down your neck with, my dear!): All of these features work together to create truly top-notch scares! But the ultimate thrill must be the controller-mounted heart rate monitor that tracks your heartbeat throughout the game and ends up scoring each player for most freaked out at the end of each level. Guaranteed to put the “who’s braver?” question to rest once and for all!

Perfect for…

Couples who want to test their relationships, singles feeling courageous and basically anyone who enjoys a good jump scare!

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your wits about you: Dark Escape’s four levels are built around the phobias of necrophobia (fear of death/ dead bodies), achluophobia (fear of darkness), agoraphobia (fear of pursuit) and entomophobia (fear of insects). Choose your level wisely!
  • There are loads of jump scares – be ready for them! If you can focus through the big sound scares and your playing partner’s screaming, you’ll be fine.
  • Don’t stop shooting – Dark Escape gives you unlimited ammo, so you don’t have to ease up on the trigger.
  • Keep breathing – bonus points for staying calm!

Tekken 7

Bandai Namco Arcade Game

The story…

Heihachi, Kazumi, Kazuya… Ling, Hwoarang and Jin…

The dramas, triumphs and heartaches of the legendary Mishima Clan and their various allies and enemies have dogged our steps since the inception of Tekken as an arcade game staple in the mid 90s. And while the game has seen many forms and versions since, one thing’s remained the same: epic battles FTW!

In Tekken 7, Kazumi takes a bow as a playable character for the first time, shedding more light on Heihachi and Kazuya’s history. She’s got some slick moves, too… Cue Eye of the Tiger!

The game features a roster of more than 20 characters, including the likes of Jin, Paul, Eddy and Ling – we all have our favourites, and you can bet there will be a fighting style to suit you.

Best bits…

The biggest addition to Tekken 7 is the introduction of the “Rage Art”, which allows players to utilise their rage to unleash a heavy barrage of attacks when their health bar is low. This is a really cool component to get your character out of a tricky situation and plays out nicely with some smooth cut-scene like graphics.

Tips & Tricks…

The pros know to focus on the following:

  • Learn to parry throws & low block. You can parry throws by tapping both arm buttons and low block is activated by hitting down and forward when you spot the attack.
  • Work those Power Crushes! Check your character’s attack combos and use the Power Crush to break through any opponent’s block.
  • Master the Rage Art. When your health is down to 20% it’s time to rev up your combos for a masterful dismissal of your opponent.

Find your closest venue HERE

Mario Kart – Arcade DX

For every soul who’s kicked butt while racing backwards through a field of bananas, knows that the red Pac-Man ghost is called Blinky and has wished to be a plumber with an Italian accent when they grow up… Mario Kart is king!

Iconic characters

This loveable, quirky version of the iconic Mario Bros.-series of games and spinoffs is an arcade favourite. It’s almost universally adored: the race courses are equal parts thrilling and bizarre, the playable characters are firm favourites and the sound of a triumphant “wahoo!” whenever you smash an opponent or win a race will keep you coming back for more!

The very first Mario Kart arcade game featured 11 characters, including Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, and even Donkey Kong!

Players have to complete six stages, featuring four race tracks in each. After completing the four races, players have to survive a “challenge stage” – and that’s where weird stuff such as backwards through banana peels come in!

As you race you also have to try and hit item boxes scattered throughout the tracks, which help you unlock special items you can use to gain the upper hand. These can include bananas to throw at opponents and cause them to slip, or the notorious red bombs to add some bang to your enemy’s ride!

Trash talkin’!

 The game’s cute candy-coloured characters and race-tracks make the race experience seem relaxed and stress free – but don’t be fooled: you need to keep your wits about you!

Depending on which character you’re playing, you can trash talk your opponents in a rather adorable way: Move over Donkey Kong! Get lost Yoshi!  Take your mushrooms somewhere else, Toad! Each character has their own unique way of psyching out the competition…

The game is addictive: starting out, you’re probably not very good – but trust us, you’ll keep on coming back for more, steadily getting better until you’ve bested all your opponents!

And then, you’ll have to defend your crown against your friends and family…

Family fun

 Mario Kart is ideal for families and friends looking for an exciting, fun-filled racing game that puts a smile on your face. The arcade game console literally puts you in the driver’s seat, behind the wheel of the kart. You’ll feel the rumble of the engine starting up, the fluttering butterflies in your tummy as the beep tone and stop lights count down…

Your adrenaline will definitely hit the roof while you’re manoeuvring through various tracks and smashing item boxes to gain your prize! And playing it in a TIMEZONE just makes it better, so come on over to take on the Mario Karthigh scores!

Summon The Lightening

Do you remember your favourite carnival or festival experiences? Do you want to be the mightiest hammer holder in the room that you could even put Thor to shame?  If so, the King of the Hammer will bring back a flood of memories and let you prove who is the true King of The Hammer!

Heroes In A Half Shell

Do you love TMNT?… Well say cowabunga dude… because Raw Thrills has brought us an amazing action packed 4 player co-op arcade adventure experience inspired by the classic Turtles in Time!

Say Cheese!

Presented by LAI Games experience the full-sized photo booth fun in this new compact model, with 4 pose modes and various photo customization features. You’ll be in for a treat with all the jam packed features offering dual cameras for normal and selfie styles as well as a comprehensive and unique range of filters, decorations and masquerades, you’ll be able to enjoy creating memories that you can capture and keep!

What Colour Do You Choose?

This mega-sized sized machine is a true centerpiece for prize winners and challenge seekers with a keen eye. With its retro styling, massive presence and six Major Prizes to win challenge yourself to match the tile colours and win big!

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

What do ping pong balls, 45 illuminated tiles, and a room-shaking rendition of Georges Bizet’s “Carmen Overture” have in common? They’re all packed into our thrilling game Let’s Bounce that we’re sure you’ll love. Chase the thrill of suspense of competition to race against the clock to hit the last few remaining tiles for the chance to win big!

Roll Up, Roll Up!

We’re bringing your favourite carnival experience to you! Relive your favourite childhood memories and become the queen or king of the rings and score the ticket jackpot of your dreams!

Do You Like Big Prizes?

Well this is the game for you!… presented by Elaut they’ve supersized the claw machine experience to make it X-Treme innovating the unique “Claw Vision” camera which you can use to snag your mega plush prize!

Are You A Master Of The Claw?

Want to win big? well this game is the one for you!…

Utilizing the same reliable technology the E-Claw Cosmic XL offers a bigger and better claw machine prize winning experience. Featuring a large “O” sized claw that is capable of grabbing larger prizes. Players control the claw using a dual joystick system; the stick on left is for vertical (back & forth) movement while the right stick is for side-to-side movement. Two buttons are available, one for dropping the claw, the other for playing the bonus tickets game so in two ways.

Shoot! Score! Connect 4!

Step up to the challenge  and choose your checker, battle head-to-head with a mate or against the machine. Take turns and strategically drop your checkers in the grid to try to connect four-in-a-row and win!

Line It Up, Let It Rip And Win!

Enjoy the classic claw machine experience with the E-Claw, equipped with eye catching led lights and engineered claw technology your prize winning experience will be enhanced and enjoyed by all!

Re-inventing The Basketball Experience

Line up your shot and shoot the light tunnel follows the flight of the ball like a comet trail accompanied by live sports commentary, making every throw fun and rewarding. Players are awarded extra points for scoring in quick succession, increasing the fun and competitive game play aspect.

Follow Luigi’s Ghostly Adventure!

Guide clumsy Luigi through huge ghost-infested mansions on an action-packed ghost hunt just for arcades. Flash your Strobulb at the ghosts to stop them in their tracks and use the Poltergust 5000 to vacuum up the stunned ghosts energy. Once the number above the ghosts head reaches zero, he goes bye-bye!
Armed with the ghost-sucking Poltergust 5000 and other new gadgets, not only will you have to capture ghosts, but also solve puzzles and battle monster sized bosses. Can you and Luigi build up the courage to save the day?

Hop In And Be Taken To Another World!

With multiple instances to experience and choose from, traverse to other dimensions or universes and strap on your seat belt, sit back and enjoy the ride!

2 Seconds Left On The Clock, He Shoots... He Scores!

Relive your favourite NBA memories or prove to your mates you shoot better than the legends themselves, put your basketball skills to the test and prove you’re the best with NBA Hoops Arcade!

The MOST Fun You Can Have With A Driving Game

Building from the classic Outrun titles, enjoy Outrun 2 SP SDX revitalized with all new features!

Introducing Ferrari car range featuring favourites like Enzo Ferrari, Dino 246 GTS, 365/4 Daytona, Testerossa, 360 Spider, 288GTO, F40 and F50.

Players can drive their dream car around 16 different routes each with its own unique and fascinating landscape – all created with the enhanced graphical support of the CHIHIRO system.

Starting from one position, you pass through 4 diverging points to finish at 5 different goals. There are now also 4 different driving modes.

Shoot The Hoops Brings The Court To Your Local Arcade!

There is nothing like the thrill of racking up points on our Shooting Hoops arcade games with Single or Double play available so you can prove to yourself or others who is the best! Get ready for the basketball challenge of your life!

Protect Earth At All Cost

Space Invaders are back with a vengeance and it’s up to you to protect the Earth!

Available in solo or duo play, Space Invaders Frenzy features a dual seated cabinet remixing the classic title into a whole new experience, protect the planet from the descending invaders and win big on tickets!

Experience all the excitement and thrills of the Mega-Hit TV Game Show Wheel of Fortune in all it’s glitz and glamour!

To play the game, contestants turn the spinner and hold their breath as the Giant Wheel spins round, with electrifying light and sound, as it slows and stops. A host moves across the screen, turning letters with a smile to reveal words within challenging puzzles.

As the letters are unveiled, contestants guess the phrase to win! Adding to the suspense and the challenge, contestants have the choice to increase the risk and double their winnings with the Double Play mode!