Arcade Games

Load up credit or choose Time Play

Timezone is constantly scouring the globe for the latest in fun games and attractions for you and your family to play. Check out some of our games here.



From $19.90pp

Bowl up a storm at Zone Bowling’s only set of visually interactive Bowling Lanes! Choose from a range of awesome effects to light up the lanes, and watch your roll and scores be brought to life!

Laser Tag

1 Game for $12 | 2 Games for $20 | 3 Games for $26 - Additional Games $8

Upping your adrenaline levels to superhero status has never been easier! Team up or go solo – it’s up to you! Immerse yourself in the custom-built Jungle-Space-themed arena. Up to 30 people can play at any one time with different game modes available.


Mini Golf

$12 per person - 12 holes

You'll never FORE get this round of Putt-Putt. With 12 holes under special UV lighting, of COURSE, this is sure to be a hit! Experience 3 different themes throughout the course and with Clubs to suit most sizes, it's sure to be a PAR-TEE. 


Bumper Cars

$6 per person 

Bump your way to Bumper Car victory! Timezone Surfers Paradise features a 260m2 track with 12 cars for all your bumping needs! So, enter the arena and become the Bumping champion!  


Mini Bowling

$6 per person

Roll your way into a 300 with 4 lanes of Highway 66 at Timezone. The rules are similar to regular bowling rules but with the added fun of different game modes and photo capture.

The games can accommodate up to 10 players at a time. For the lane-challenged, the games have retractable rails that prevent the dreaded gutter ball.

Cafe and Bar

Say YUM to the FUN! 
There's a range of yum snacks available at Timezone. Click below on the venue you wish to view the menu for.

Or head right next door to Zone Bowling to try their delicious range of hot dogs, burgers, fries, pizzas, milkshakes, cocktails and more, in an ambient, family-friendly dining space!