Experience Minecraft Magic at Timezone Philippines

minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game

Unleash Your Creativity with Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game

Dive into the universe of Minecraft and enjoy the best time at the Minecraft Arcade Machines. Combining the popular sandbox-style gameplay of Minecraft with a thrilling dungeon-crawling experience, the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game is an exhilarating new strain of fun. Players in the Philippines can explore intricate dungeons, battle fearsome foes, and collect valuable treasures on their quests.

Playing Minecraft Dungeons at Timezone

Step outside your comfort zone and make your Minecraft experience truly memorable. Team up with friends or family to conquer dungeons and outsmart enemies. Alternatively, for solo players looking to up their gameplay, try tackling the game's most formidable bosses or competing with other players to reach the top of the leaderboard. 

Don't forget to use your Timezone Powercard to play and earn e-Tickets. Use your hard earned e-Tickets to redeem exciting Prizes at the Timezone Prize Shop!

Minecraft Dungeons at Timezone

Timezone Venues with Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Machines

Find the best Minecraft Worlds at Philippines' Timezone Entertainment Centers’ Arcade Machines in the following malls and centers:

Timezone Greenbelt 3

Timezone Greenbelt 5

Timezone Ayala Center Cebu

Timezone Bonifacio High Street

Timezone Alabang Town Center

Frequently Asked Questions about Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game


Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is an exciting adaptation of the popular video game, offering a unique challenge for fans. This 4-player co-op Arcade Game features 9 distinct levels, epic boss battles, and collectible power-up cards to enhance in-game performance and artillery. Experience an unforgettable adventure filled with teamwork, strategy, and thrilling action at Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.


Yes, Minecraft Dungeons is suitable for players of all ages as there's no actual violence. However, the atmosphere of some dungeons might be intimidating for young children, despite the non-scary blocky worlds. 

Overall, the game's easy-to-learn mechanics, engaging gameplay, and family-friendly content make it an excellent choice for kids and adults alike.


To play Minecraft Dungeons at Timezone, simply visit a Timezone Entertainment Center with the game, load your Timezone Powercard with credits, and swipe the card at the Minecraft Dungeons machine. Enjoy hours of fun and adventure as you explore the game's captivating world.

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