1. What is Timezone Rewards?

Timezone Rewards is a loyalty programme that gives you rewards for playing and having fun at all Timezone venues in the Philippines. Different fun rewards and prizes await you online and offline. Get free load, e-tickets, exclusive benefits and more.

2. How does Timezone Rewards work?

For you to start earning rewards, start by registering your Timezone Powercard online. There are three levels of membership rewards.

VIP: As you start your FUN journey at Timezone, we want you to know that you are important to us. With a minimum spend of P100, you get your reloadable VIP Powercard to start earning free games and prizes!

Gold: Go for Gold! A cumulative spend of P5,000.00 will upgrade you to the Gold Level.

Platinum: A cumulative spend of P25,000 at a single arcade location will upgrade you to the exclusive Platinum Level.

Please refer to the Timezone Rewards table for information on rewards you can enjoy at different levels

3. What do you mean by cumulative spend?

Cumulative spend is based on the cash load accumulated in a Timezone Powercard in one particular Timezone venue. This excludes bonus loads and other credits from special offers, promotions and Timezone gift certificates.

4. How can I check my cumulative spend?

You may inquire at the Timezone venue where your card was issued.

5. What do I get as rewards?

Please check the Timezone Rewards table to get to know more about the rewards you may get from each level.

6. How do I become a Timezone Rewards member?

Register your card with a valid email address and you can start getting the rewards enjoy Timezone Rewards benefits.

7. Why should I register my Timezone Powercard?

Visit our Timezone website and register your Powercard online to earn rewards and protect your credits.
As a member, you get access to our exclusive offers, promotions and events.

8. I am already an existing Platinum cardholder, with the new Timezone Rewards, will I get the new rewards offered for the Gold cardholders?

If you are already a Platinum cardholder before 30 September 2019, you are no longer entitled to the lower level bonuses.

9. How do I upgrade to the higher membership level? How will I know I have reached the higher level?

Earn as you play and load your Powercard to work your way up to the higher membership tiers.

You will be notified through your registered email address of your upgraded membership level, benefits, exclusive offers and promotions.The rewards that you get with your membership tier will be automatically loaded into your Powercard.

Getting closer to the higher tier? Our Fun Squad will happily inform you once you load or get email updates from us and enjoy your mid-tier bonus.

10. Will my Timezone card, load and tickets expire?

Yes, if you do not use your card for one year then it will be considered inactive and this would make the contents of your Powercard expire. Being inactive means not using your card for 12 months.

11. Can I use my daily FREE GAMES at other venues?

No, FREE GAMES are store specific.

12. Can I accumulate my unredeemed FREE games?

The daily free games will expire and are refreshed daily so make sure you visit our arcade to redeem your daily free games.

13. How can I get my birthday offer?

You will receive your birthday reward during your birthday month through your registered email address. This will be valid for one-time use only.

14. How do I get a replacement for a lost or damaged Timezone Powercard?

You may complete our Lost and Contact form to request for a card replacement or you may approach the counter at one of venues to fill up a replacement card form. A fee will be charged for card replacement.

How do I redeem discounts for prizes from the prize shop?

Notification for prize discounts at Timezone will be sent to you via email. Simply check your email for any ongoing prize redemption discount, make a trip down to our arcade, name your preferred prizes and you can redeem them with lesser points!