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Timezone Vietnam - The Ultimate Game Centre for Entertainment

Want to live out your dream as a professional racer? You can make it a reality here at Timezone, and be sure to enjoy the ride while you’re at it. If you’re looking for something with great graphics, intense gameplay and an adrenaline rush, the racing games will keep you on your toes. You’ll be returning back to this game before you know it! With unlimited arcade game machines to explore here at the game centres, the fun never ends with the wide selection of gaming activities! 

Think you’ve got the quick reflexes as an avid gamer? Or want to master manoeuvring your character across the screen swiftly in arcade game machines? Then, sharpen your skills, eliminate your opponents and come out as the winner in the most thrilling arcade town shooting games here at Timezone.        

sure sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Can’t wait to feel like you have the world at your fingertips? Experience the great fun of arcades at Timezone today! The  game rooms will keep you hooked - no wonder Timezone is a popular pastime for many people. So grab your handy Timezone Powercard, take your favourite arcade experience with you wherever you go, and drop by any of Timezone’s locations in Vietnam. With a wide range of rewards and prizes awaiting you, start gearing up for your next Timezone adventure. 

The arcade game centres are more than just a place to go for entertainment; they’re also places where people can connect with friends and family. Looking for hours of guaranteed fun for the entire family? As a parent, you know the struggle of keeping your kids engaged for hours. The good news is, with plenty of games in store for children in Timezone, you can feel at ease when bringing them to Timezone. So let them discover their favourite games here at the game centres!   

And that’s not all! If you’ve ever missed the good ol’ classic games, the nostalgia of playing retro arcade games is exactly what draws adults to Timezone arcades today. Here, Timezone offers  a form of entertainment that is both nostalgic and modern. So come along with your kids, and even you as a parent can have a go at the addictive arcade game machines. There will definitely be something here that sparks your interest! 

If your kids enjoy playing at Timezone, they will most definitely love the idea of having their next birthday celebrations in selected parties rooms. The best way to throw children’s birthday parties is by doing something they will enjoy with their friends or family members. And with birthday party packages for groups of all sizes, your child will enjoy an arcade-themed birthday party with their best buddies. Throw your kid’s birthday bash here at the arcade locations - you can also have fun with your child without all the stress of planning a party from scratch.   

 Or are you currently preparing for your next company event and in need of new ideas? At such an important time, it can be helpful to plan carefully and create a bonding experience that will make these events more meaningful. Rest assured, Timezone also caters to corporate events and parties with affordable team-building packages. With the latest arcade games, bowling alleys and more entertainment options, Timezone can be a great place to get employees out of their comfort zone and truly get to know one another.

Here, you are guaranteed an awesome event that will help your company work together better while having fun at the same time. There’s something for everyone to enjoy during their day off work. So grab your coworkers and head out for some fun company bonding time!

For more information, feel free to get in touch with the friendly staff who will be happy to assist you in your planning!