QR Scan Challenge

Deals on: 01-28 Feb 2023

😈 Details:
✨ The challenge consists of 3 minigames about QR code scan in Timezone Fun App.
✨ For each top-up from 300k VND  at any venues in weekdays (Mon-Fri), you will receive 1 scan of the QR code provided by the staff. Complete the minigames and receive bonus voucher of 30k vnd game credits (as per each game's prize). 1k = 1,000VND

View game's detail and T&C in Fun App.

UltraBoost is here!

Deals on Weekends.
- Top-up 2OOk VND > 25Ok VND game credits
- Top-up 3OOk VND > 4OOk VND game credits
- Top-up 5OOk VND > 75Ok VND game credits
- Top-up 1OOOk VND > 2OOOk VND game credits
Applied for top-up at venue & online top-up in Timezone Fun App.
- Top-up 2OOOk VND > 4OOOk VND game credits + 2 CGV tickets.
Applied for top-up at venue (except City Hub centre)

Weekdays Sweet Deals

Applied: Weekdays (Mon-Fri) on Fun App

These Fun-App Exclusive Offers are surely "Nice to Find"!
Top-up 100,000 -> Get 110,000
Top-up 200,000 -> Get 240,000
Top-up 300,000 -> Get 390,000
Top-up 500,000 -> Get 720,000
Top-up 1,000,000 -> Get 1,700,000