Mini Bowling

Feeling restless at home? Have some competitive energy you want to burn off? Get ready for an afternoon of fun with your friends, as Timezone’s Mini Bowling lanes flip the script on your 10-pin bowling experience. 

Perfect for action-packed parties with the kids or your closest pals, Mini Bowling scales down the classic game while taking the fun to greater heights! So, what’s different about Mini Bowling alleys?

The rules are similar to regular 10-pin bowling, but with the added fun of different game modes and photo captures that will have you in stitches! Each Mini Bowling game accommodates up to 10 players at a time, so you can invite your family and friends for a hilariously itty-bitty tournament.

For the lane-challenged, Mini Bowling has retractable rails that prevent the dreaded gutter ball from wrecking your score. Not to mention the balls can fit right in your palm, which makes the game accessible for smaller hands!

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Squeak squeak squeak BAM rrrrr-RRRR-rrrr-RRrr-rrrr clatter clat-clunk clatter

No, we didn't just drop a bowling ball on the keyboard — that's just our attempt at writing down what it sounds like to bowl a strike.

At Timezone, half-length bowling alleys give you those real 10-pin feels, but make it slightly easier to nail a satisfying strike! Hey, anything to get you closer to that perfect game, right?

For those looking to experience the full-size thing, check-in with Zone Bowling to test out your skills or join a competitive league.


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Think of Mini Bowling as just standard 10-pin bowling, but much smaller! The lanes, balls and pins are all miniature sized, making it easier for everyone to get involved.

Up to 10 people can play a game of Mini Bowling at a time! 

No, you don't need special shoes for Mini Bowling. Just come as you are and enjoy the fun!