Mini Bowling

Feeling restless at home? Have some competitive energy you want to burn off? Get off the couch, search up “bowling alley near me”, and get ready for an afternoon of fun with your friends. Mini bowling is great for parties or some true blue one on one competition.

The rules are similar to regular ten pin bowling rules but with the added fun of different game modes and photo capture. The hilarious animations will have you in stitches. The bowling games can accommodate up to 10 players at a time so you can invite your family and friends for a mini tournament. For the lane-challenged, the games have retractable rails that prevent the dreaded gutter ball from wrecking your score. Not to mention the balls can fit in the palm of your hand which makes the game accessible for smaller hands!

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Squeak squeak squeak BAM rrrrr-RRRR-rrrr-RRrr-rrrr clatter clat-clunk clatter.

No, we didn't just drop a bowling ball on the keyboard - that's just our attempt at writing down what it sounds like to bowl a strike.

Timezone has full size, half-length bowling lanes to give you those real bowling alley feels. Hey, anything to get you closer to that perfect game, right?

And, no, our lanes aren’t regulation size so don’t get too carried away by your competitive side. Check-in with our friends over at ZONE BOWLING if you are keen to join a league.

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Zone Bowling

ZONE BOWLING has been in the business of bowling and family entertainment for over 30 years. Make your way to the bowling alley to experience the buzzing, vibrant setting of your local centre for yourself.

With over 30 bowling centres across Australia you won’t have to search up “ten pin bowling places near me” anymore. Plus, you can book online for any of them for extra convenience!

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