Your Go-To Indoor Playground

Get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing at the best gaming arcades in Medan. Rev up your engines and hurtle down virtual highways at breakneck speeds in a range of racing simulators at Timezone. Or, immerse yourself in a true test of skill and nerve in Timezone’s fast-paced shooting games. Whether you’re battling aliens or zombies, think fast and be accurate with your shots to not miss a single target. And that’s not all! With an extensive lineup of arcade games waiting for you – from Maximum Tune 6 RR to Virtual Rabbids – you’ll soon find out why Timezone is the top indoor playground. With so much fun to offer, it's no surprise that arcade games at family entertainment centers are popular with both children and adults. Be sure to check out ongoing promotions to make the most out of your arcade experience here!

Don’t forget to pick up a Timezone Powercard before you start playing! By just playing your favourite arcade games, you can earn e-Tickets and getattractive souvenirs at Timezone.

Nail That Strike at Timezone 

If you've never been bowling before, you're missing out on a ton of fun! Bowling is a funactivity for kids and adults alike. It's perfect for group outings, indoor team-building activities, or even solo family fun. Plus, what's not to love about knocking down pins and trying to get that perfect strike? And when you add in the competition and the camaraderie, you’ve got the perfect recipe for an exciting time. If you’re looking for more exciting activities to do indoors, you are sure to have a blast at the bowling alleys in Timezone. 

Explore Timezone’s Birthday Venues in Medan

Want to throw a memorable birthday party for your child and their friends? Why not have it at the Timezone venues in Medan? Your child can spend hours playing their favourite arcade games with their friends, and they will love the challenge of trying to beat each other's scores. Plus, there's always the chance to get souvenirs, making the whole experience even more exciting. 

Besides kids’ birthday parties, Timezone venues are also ideal to holding indoor team-building events for companies. Timezone arcades offer that much-needed dose of adrenaline-pumping excitement to amp up your corporate gathering from Arcade game machines to Bowling Alleys. If you are keen to host your event at Timezone, feel free to get in touch with the team today!