Unleash the Fun with Timezone Attractions in Bandung

With three Timezone playgrounds across Bandung, each boasts a kaleidoscope of high-voltage attractions:

Arcade Games

Dive into a whirlwind of gaming fun with Timezone's Arcade Games! From nostalgic classics to cutting-edge releases and mind-blowing Virtual Reality rides, you'll find a thrilling haven filled with excitement at Bandung’s most vibrant arcade.

Party Venues

If a birthday is around the corner and you’re looking to paint the town red, Timezone has just the ticket! Timezone's Party Venues are the hotspots of birthday hullabaloo, with tailored packages ready to morph any birthday party into an epic fiesta!

Prize Shop

Who said playing games doesn't pay? At Timezone’s Prize Shop, Bandung's gaming wizards can cash in their victory tickets for an armful of exciting Prizes. Rack up those tickets and walk away with some swag!

Timezone Locations in Bandung

Soak Up the Fun Vibes of Bandung with Timezone

Scouring the city for a hearty dose of arcade gaming or the perfect place for your next birthday party in Bandung? Look no further — Timezone is your fun HQ! As your ticket to an unending list of fun things to do, Timezone promises to serve up joy by the bucketload for kids and the kids-at-heart alike.

So come on, step into a Timezone in Bandung today and let the epic fun times roll!