See who can get the highest score when you visit Timezone Abreeza Ayala Mall in Davao. Look forward to exciting arcade games like Tower of Tickets, Wangan Maxi Tune 6RR and 9D VR Simulator Ride. You are sure to have a fun and unforgettable arcade experience at Timezone Davao. 

The Ultimate Destination for Arcade Games and Fun

What better way to spend an evening or day in Davao City than with family and friends having lots of fun playing arcade games?

You can find the biggest collection of fun arcade games and activities at Timezone Family Entertainment Center in Davao, making this the perfect place to spend time with your children, cousins, friends or even work colleagues. Since the turn of the century when Timezone entered the Philippines, Timezone has consistently captured the spirit of family, community and wholesome fun that you can find anywhere in the archipelago. Indeed, here is the definition of family fun. In case you’re wondering, safety in the venues is top-level, with everything from sanitation of equipment and surfaces to regulating noise level continuously being done to ensure a safe place. Timezone is here to spread fun, not germs, and for you to have the time of your life again and again.

Packed With Classic and Modern Games

Some, like the slam n jam basketball games and car racing game machines, have been favorites for years here and globally. Everyone enjoys basketball, crashing cars and crazy driving; it seems. Apart from these favorite games, Timezone Davao is the venue of other classic arcade games like various Fun Claw Machines, Snapshot Photo Booths, Kiddie Rides and many more. There is even karaoke music booths and Dance Dance Revolution for those who like to sing their hearts out and shake a leg to the latest chart hits. 

When it comes to modern technology such as VR gaming and simulators, Timezone arcade in Davao City is simply the best. Experience the 9D Virtual Reality game to immerse yourself in another world. Additionally, stand to win attractive prizes with the tickets in your Powercard. If you think that sounds like lots of fun, hear this: you can hold parties with Timezone and get group party packages for an hour or two of play. Party Bundle lets you and 3 of your friends celebrate that special day, and oh, did someone mention freebies? Yes! A lot of freebies are included. That’s right, Timezone is the best party venue to hold a fun and unforgettable bonding experience with friends, family and colleagues. Suppose you would like to organise a kids’ party or other events in the Timezone venues. In that case, party packages are only available at Timezone Ayala Malls Feliz — the biggest Timezone arcade in the Philippines. Do get in touch for more information.

Make Wonderful Memories at Timezone

Memories are made of such times spent with beloved friends and family, and Timezone is here to make them perfect. Team building sessions, a day out with friends, or even dates - bring them to the place of perfect happiness and make your memories.

You can bring your grandpa and grandma too - even if they may not be up to a VR Simulator game, they can relax in the world-class massage chairs and have the time of their lives being massaged gently. From Bowling to Arcade Games, Timezone Davao has something fantastic to offer to seniors, children and everyone in between. Charge up your Powercard and lose yourself in pure fun and happiness! You can also check out other locations for Bowling, Basketball and more fun activities.