Arcade Game Centre at Timezone Aeon Mall Hai Phong Le Chan

As the biggest Timezone arcade in all of Vietnam, Timezone Aeon Mall Hai Phong Le Chan is more than just a play zone built for an exciting time. Timezone Aeon Mall is filled to the brim with fun and engaging things to do, with more than 100 arcade machines, Bumper Cars, Bowling and Mini-Bowling Alleys, and even a Kids Birthday Party Venue. 

At Timezone, there are over a hundred different arcade machines, with a good mix of classic fan-favourite arcade games and the latest, newest arcade games in the world. From the Wizard of Oz to Zombie Outbreak to Crazy Tower and so much more, there’s not a minute of boredom to be found with the abundance of options you’ll have at Timezone.


Bowling and Mini-Bowling in Hai Phong

Let your kids experience the satisfaction of conquering all pins on the lane, with the mini-bowling alleys at Timezone Aeon Mall Hai Phong. Teenagers and adults, too, can enjoy this curated experience for the thrills of bowling without the hassle of shoe rental and the likes. Bowl your heart out with families and friends, and strike mini-bowling off your list at Timezone Aeon Mall, Hai Phong.

Kids’ Birthday Party Venue in Hai Phong

Celebrate your kids’ birthday like never before with the kids’ birthday party venue and packages at Timezone Aeon Mall in Hai Phong. With access to the entire array of arcade games along with Bowling, Bumper Cars, and more, the children will have the time of their lives throughout the birthday celebration. On top of that, the children can even leave with attractive prizes they can trade in their tickets for! What’s not to like? 


Also, be sure to check out ongoing promotions at Timezone Vietnam for the best deals in and beyond Hai Phong locations at any given point in time. 

If you’ve any questions whatsoever about the Timezone arcades in Hai Phong, simply reach out and the team get back to you in a jiffy!