Terms and Condition of the contest "Strongest hands – Greatest gifts"

  • Contestants are only validly recognized when participating in the competition within the specified time of the contest (from Monday to Friday, from 17:00 to 20:00).
  • To participate, contestants need to top-up 100,000 vnd to Timezone card (the card barcode will be recorded as the contest barcode) and receive 01 registration form. Each form records 2 turns (02 card taps).
  • Note:
    1. The top-up money of 100,000 vnd is used when activating the machine.
    2. No limitation to the number of purchasing registration forms.
  • Contestants need to register the information with Timezone’s staff at the cashier counter to record the competition results.
  • There are two types of competition machines: Dragon Punch và Ultimate Big Punch. The turn count for each machine is as follows:
    1. Dragon punch: one turn corresponds to one score play.
    2. Ultimate Big Punch: one turn corresponds to 2 score plays, the final score is the total of 2 plays.
  • The contest process must be observed by Timezone staff.
  • Results will begin to be recorded when the contestant gives the contest registration form to Timezone staff and is recorded on the contest registration form signed by the candidate and Timezone staff.
  • Contestants have to take photo when participating and post it on personal Facebook page (in public mode). Photo post is required to keep the initial status, posting time and will be compared when receiving the prize. 
  • When awarding the prize, if Timezone staff check that the post does not exist, is edited or has fraudulent behavior, the organizers have the right to refuse to award the prize.
  • Contestants may participate in the competition as many times as possible during the contest period.
  • Each contestant can only win a maximum of 1 daily prize/ week and 2 weekly prizes/month.
  • Contestants need to register member information & Timezone card to receive prizes.
  • In case there are 2 or more contestants with the same score at the same center, the contestants will be held by Timezone directly to choose the winner.
  • If the contestant does not take the extra test, it will be counted as a forfeit and the result will be forfeited.
  • All travel expenses to participate in the tournament will be borne by the contestants.
  • In the event of a dispute, Timezone's decision will be final.


Request for personal Facebook post:

  • Posts must be made public.
  • Posts must include 02 hashtags: #punchingchallenge and #timezonevietnam
  • The date of posting the post will be considered as the date of the prize if the contestant wins.


Request for photo:

  • The photo must have the contestant's photo and the score obtained (no cropping).


Awards process:

  1. Daily awards:
    • The contestant with the highest points (displayed on the machine at the end of the turn) within the competition time of the day of each Timezone center will win the prize.
    • Each contestant only takes 01 prize/ day during the contest period.
    • Daily prizes will be sent within 07 days from the time the results are announced.
  2. Weekly awards:
    • The contestant with the highest points (displayed on the machine at the end of the turn) in the competition time in 01 week (from Monday to Friday) at each center will win the prize.
    • Each contestant only takes 02 prizes/ week during the contest period.
    • Weekly prizes are awarded directly at the contested Timezone center.
  3. Month awards:
    • The final tournament including all daily winners will take place at 02 locations: Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi City.
    • Each contestant only takes 01 prize/ week during the contest period.
    • Month prizes are awarded directly at the contested Timezone center.


Prize structure:

  1. Daily award: 100,000VND game credits.
  2. Weekly award: 01 set of 03 Popmart 100% blind boxes.
  3. Month award:
    • 01 First prize: 01 Molly 400% figure and 01 set 09 Molly 100% figure.
    • 01 Second prize: 01 Molly 400% figure.
    • 01 Third prize: 01 set 09 Molly 100% figure.