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3 Minecraft Dungeons Tips for Every Blocky Battler

Available on game consoles, Windows PCs, and at arcades, Minecraft Dungeons offers a fresh take on the dungeon crawler genre, blending in the iconic blocky aesthetics and creativity of Minecraft.

Ready to dive into the depths of the voxel-based underworld, battle terrifying monsters, and come out with legendary loot? Here are our three pro tips that every beginner needs to know before embarking on their epic journey in Minecraft Dungeons.

1. Armour Up and Arm Yourself

In this game, gear like weapons, armour, and artefacts are crucial. Each piece comes with its own enchantments and attributes, which can turn the tide of a battle in a heartbeat.

However, there's no one "best" set of gear, as it all depends on your playstyle. If you like getting up close and personal, beefy armour and a hard-hitting sword might be your thing. More of a long-range specialist? A powerful bow should be your best friend. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best for you.

Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers — each of these baddies has their own little quirks. For instance, Creepers are like ticking time bombs. Keep your distance and use ranged attacks to save yourself a world of hurt.

2. Enchanting is Entrancing

Speaking of gear, did you know you can upgrade it using enchantment points? Yes, those shiny green orbs you pick up after levelling up aren't just for show. Each piece of gear in Minecraft Dungeons has enchantment options that can be powered up using these points.

Powers like increased damage, life steal, speed boosts, and more are at your fingertips if you've got the points to spare. Pick your enchantments wisely as you can't swap them out once chosen unless you salvage the gear.

3. Exploration, Exploration, Exploration

Lastly, explore everywhere instead of simply following the markers. Minecraft Dungeons is filled with secrets, hidden chests, and off-the-beaten-path areas waiting for you to discover.

If you see a suspicious-looking wall, check it out! Find an obscure path? Follow it! Not only will this satisfy your inner explorer, but it could also lead you to some seriously awesome loot.

Be a Minecraft Dungeons Champion on the Arcade Machine

That's it, adventurers! You're now armed with three essential tips that will help transform you into a true Minecraft Dungeons warrior. But the journey doesn't stop here. Your fun actually extends beyond your PC and console.

Where can you play the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game in Singapore? Get a taste of the action by heading over to any Timezone Venues except for VivoCity Pus+ with your pals. Sure, you can go all Rambo and solo your way through, but nothing beats the thrill of tackling hordes of mobs with buddies by your side in the real world. There is strength in numbers and joy in shared victory.

Want to play more Arcade Games during the June holidays or celebrate Father’s Day? Check out the various Timezone locations near you for more fun!

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