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We are part of TEEG

The Timezone brand is proudly part of The Entertainment & Education Group (TEEG).


About TEEG

Positioned as one of the world’s largest Family Entertainment and Edutainment Centre groups with leading operations in the Asia Pacific region. TEEG operates across 7 countries with over 250 locations and growing. The group consists of the brands: Timezone, Zone BowlingKingpin, and Play ‘N’ Learn. Countries in which we currently operate include Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Vietnam.



Looking for Timezone in other countries?

Timezone is global with locations across 7 countries! Not only are we in Singapore – we have stores in each of the countries below, plus are rapidly growing..


Kingpin is not just about Bowling, it is a full entertainment experience. Feel like royalty every time you visit and experience an exclusive atmosphere that no other bar or club could offer.

Zone Bowling

Zone Bowling has been in the business of bowling and family entertainment for over 30 years, delivering excitement to the Australian market. 

With over 30 venues across Australia, we are more than just bowling!  Each of our locations providing a unique mix of amusement games, laser tag and delicious food and beverage options to suit everyone.