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Amp up Your Kid's Birthday Party with These 6 Tips!

As a kid, our memories of birthday celebrations are full of exciting activities, delicious food, and countless hours of fun with family and friends. But as the parent who plans the party, you’ll know that the party planning process can be difficult.

Here are some tips to help you plan and have a worry-free kid’s birthday party in Singapore:


1. Start planning early

It’s best to start planning for the next party as soon as possible. Create a timeline with deadlines so you can see what needs to be done and by when. Take events such as Public or School Holidays into account, and ask your guests for an early RSVP. This also helps you better handle any last-minute changes as you’ll have some buffer time to sort them out before the party.


2. Set your budget

You don’t have to spend beyond your means to give your kid the best birthday party ever. Coming up with a budget will help you keep track of expenses, especially for essentials such as venue, food, and activities to keep the guests entertained.


3. Choose your party venue

Will you be having the birthday party at home or at an external event venue in Singapore? Beyond a larger space, there are other advantages to booking a dedicated birthday party venue. Many offer all-inclusive birthday party packages that are value-for-money, with activities and games, catered food, decor, and more. This makes it perfect for busy parents who still want to throw a great party for their kids.


4. Decide on a party theme

Having a theme can make kid’s birthday party planning easier and more memorable too. You can select decor, food, and even party activities based on the theme — think laser tag for a space party, or swimming for a mermaid extravaganza! If your child likes a specific activity like bowling or paintball, you can simply theme the party around that so you’ll know they’ll have tons of fun.


5. Arrange for the food

No birthday party is complete without an awesome party menu full of your child’s favourite dishes and desserts! Whether you cook the food on your own or hire an external caterer, remember to take into consideration things like dietary requirements, food allergies and sensitivities, and picking out a menu selection your kid will enjoy. Not to mention, you’ll need a birthday cake as the centrepiece too.


6. Don’t forget the little details 

Once you’ve the essentials sorted out, all that’s left are the tiny details to settle. This can include invitations, party favours, transport (if you’re going to an external venue), dress code, and more depending on your birthday party setup.


Plan the Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party with Timezone Singapore 

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your kid’s birthday party at, look no further than Timezone Singapore! Timezone offers Birthday Party Packages that make celebrating your child’s big day a breeze. Our packages are for a minimum of 10 children, and include:

  • Dedicated party host
  • Indoor party venue in Timezone Orchard XchangeVivoCityWestgateJurong Point and Parkway Parade
  • Unlimited Timezone Play based on the Party Package selected (either 90 or 180 minutes)
  • Claw Games
  • e-Tickets for each child and the birthday child will enjoy the party favors

Have an idea for your kid’s next birthday party, and can’t wait to get started? Get in touch with our team to begin the party planning!


Information is correct at the point of writing. 

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