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Singapore National Day Timezone

Get Your Game On this National Day with Timezone

As Singapore gears up to celebrate National Day, there’s no better place to get together with friends and family than Timezone, the country's premier entertainment centre. This year, elevate your celebrations by diving into an array of thrilling indoor activities and arcade games. From the high-speed excitement of racing games to the immersive reality of VR experiences, Timezone offers an outlet to infuse your National Day festivities with fun, competition, and a little patriotism. It's an unparalleled gaming experience, ensuring every celebration is brimming with adventure.


Iconic Games to Discover

Begin with an intense session of Air Hockey, a timeless classic that never fails to stimulate a fast-paced competition between friends. The thrill of quick flicks and strategic defence moves pave the way for countless moments of fun and laughter.

After the Air Hockey face-off, why not shift the action to the Basketball hoops? Test your aim and shooting skills in a playful contest of accuracy. Whether you're challenging yourself to break your personal record or engaging in friendly competition with friends, every throw, swish, and score elicits a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

From the Basketball hoops, stroll towards the ever-popular Claw Machines, a consistent crowd favourite at Timezone Entertainment Centres in Singapore. Experience the nail-biting suspense of manoeuvring the claw, aiming for the coveted prize of your choice. The thrill here lies not just in the prize won but in the anticipation of the game itself.

Next, you can kick the excitement up a notch and get behind the wheel with Maximum Tune 6. This high-speed adventure invites you to challenge your friends or pit your racing skills against AI opponents. Navigate through intricate city streets at breakneck speeds, immersing yourself in lifelike graphics and heart-pounding action.

Consider diving into Timezone's impressive collection of VR games for something more immersive. Swap reality for fantasy realms, engage in intergalactic battles, or embark on epic adventures. With cutting-edge VR technology at your fingertips, you're not just playing a game at Timezone; you're experiencing it unparalleled. So, gear up for a National Day filled with endless entertainment, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories.


Celebrate and Win with Timezone's National Day Deals!

This National Day, Timezone enhances your celebration with thrilling indoor activities like Bumper Cars and Arcade Games in Singapore. Plus a rewarding experience to boot. Participate in the Super Shiok Super Fun Deal from 1st August to 15th September 2023. Each visit earns you stamps and a step closer to exciting Blind Bag rewards. Inside each bag is a surprise Local Delight Collectable Pouch, reflecting Singapore's rich culinary heritage with four unique designs.

Unwrap the joy and anticipation this National Day at Timezone. Step into any of our Entertainment Centres, let loose, and embrace a different side of this year’s celebrations. Find out more about our fantastic National Day promos and offers here.


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