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Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard: 4 Tips for Dominating the Game

Step into any arcade, and one retro classic stands out — the pinball machine. Since its debut in the 1930s, pinball has dazzled generations as a game where there’s more than meets the eye. Even as pixels took over the gaming world, its allure has never waned. With pinball pros continuing to flip their way to mastery, aren't you tempted to join their ranks? But before you do, let's supercharge your skills with these tips!


1. Ball Control: The Champ’s Secret

Being a pinball wizard is more than lightning-quick reflexes—it's a strategic dance with the machine, and mastering ball control is your secret weapon. By trapping your ball, you buy time to strategise and unleash your next winning move. 


2. Nudging

As you perfect the rhythm of control, nudging is another skill to add to your arsenal. This teeters between artfully guiding the pinball by tilting the table's angle and skirting close to the machine's tilt warning. With a deft hand, nudging can divert the ball, setting it up for that coveted jackpot shot. While frowned upon by purists, nothing beats the laughter and playful jabs it sparks during spirited clashes with your pals. Itching to perfect this move? Head down to an arcade outlet like Timezone Entertainment Centre to polish your skills before challenging your crew to that face-off!


3. Death Save: The Audacious Lifeline

Like its ominous name, the 'Death Save’ is deadly in a pinball game. While illegal in Singapore and international competitions, it's your best bet in laid-back sessions and indoor activities with loved ones. To pull this off, hold up the left flipper, slide the machine left, and then sharply swing it right when the ball grazes the metal apron. The trick here is impeccable timing and voilà! The ball's momentum magically lifts it from its doomed path, ushering it between the flippers and onto the awaiting right flipper.


4. Master Passes

To truly dominate a pinball game, you've also got to master these passes:

  • Bounce Pass: With this move, you simply let the ball ricochet from one flipper at the right angle, capturing it with the other for an accurate re-shot.
  • Post Pass: In a post pass, bounce the ball off the nearest post with a quick flip. This changes its direction, creating opportunities for making your preferred shot.
  • Tip Pass: Simply do a subtle flip to send your ball gracefully from the tip of one flipper to the other, preparing you for the next successful move.

Level Up with Timezone’s Pinball Machines 

As with any game, practice makes perfect. And with Timezone Entertainment Centres, refining your skills is a breeze. Simply visit your nearest Timezone Venue to kickstart your journey to mastery with the pinball machines. And who knows? With dedication, you might find yourself amongst the ranks of the best. While at it, be sure to download the Timezone Fun App so you can immerse in the diverse Arcade Games and attractions instantly.


Information is correct at the point of writing. 

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