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School's Out! 5 Electrifying Activities in Singapore For Your School Holidays!

Woohoo! The school holidays are zooming in, and it's time to swap those textbooks for non-stop fun! Stumped for plans? Whether it's the sun-soaked June break, vibrant September vibes, or the festive end-of-year holidays, these exciting school holiday activities in Singapore will make the break the best one yet!


1. Adventure Awaits With Mother Nature

Ditch the city buzz and let Mother Nature be your playground! Beach escapades, jungle adventures, or park picnics – it’s time for that sun-kissed glow and those wind-in-your-hair moments. Dive into popular local school holiday destinations like Punggol Park and MacRitchie Reservoir and embrace the wild side of Singapore.


2. Epic Movie Marathons For Cinephiles

Regardless of when the school holidays roll around, it's always the right time to transform the living room into the ultimate cinema experience! Kickstart the year with films about new beginnings and adventures. As the months roll on, indulge in nostalgic classics and international festive favourites. 


3. Be a Local Hero

Make the most of the vacation by giving back! Whether it’s helping furry friends at an animal shelter or lending a hand at a food bank, it’s the perfect bonding activity for parents and kids. And teens? Dive into these fulfilling experiences to make a difference and create unforgettable memories.


4. Creative Corners For The Artistic Souls

Got a DIY dream or an artistic itch? Dive into dazzling arts workshops across Singapore! From pottery whirlwinds to jiving dance sessions, let your imagination run wild. And if the holidays are gracing the second half of the year, keep an eye out for festive workshops offering enticing discounts, letting you celebrate in style!


5. Game On at Timezone Entertainment Centres

Roll out the red carpet for unbeatable excitement at Timezone! From heart-racing Arcade Games to pulse-pounding challenges at Bowling, it’s a kids' entertainment centre like no other. And hey, it’s not just for the kids. Parents, jump in and unleash your inner gamer! 

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Every school holiday – June, September, or end-of-year – is a golden ticket to remarkable experiences. Grab your friends and family to enjoy a smorgasbord of fun activities; you’ll never run out of things to do.

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