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At Timezone, we believe that every celebration should be an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Behind the scenes of our vibrant parties lies a carefully crafted process that combines the art of entertainment with the science of seamless execution. Join us as we unveil the secrets that make Timezone parties a celebration like no other, just in time for the International Day of Happiness on 20th March. One way we bring joy to our guests is through our excellent parties. Every aspect is designed to create moments that last a lifetime. Discover what makes Timezone parties a celebration like no other!


1. Party Host Recruitment and Training: The Heartbeat of the Celebration

The journey begins with the heartbeat of every Timezone party – our party hosts. We understand that a great party starts with the right people, and our recruitment process is designed to find individuals who not only possess the necessary skills but radiate enthusiasm and energy.

Group interviews are at the core of our selection process. Unlike traditional one-on-one sessions, we bring together 5 to 20 candidates in a dynamic, one-hour experience filled with party games and group activities. We want to see our potential hosts in action, showcasing their personalities and demonstrating why they are the perfect fit for Timezone parties.

Personality profiling plays a crucial role in our selection process, and we focus on traits such as adaptability, enthusiasm, and a genuine love for entertainment. By observing how candidates interact with others during the group interviews, we gain valuable insights into how well they will fit into our dynamic party team.

2. Party Operations from Brief to Execution: Bringing Concepts to Life

Once our energetic party hosts are selected, the focus shifts to the seamless execution of party operations. The key to a successful celebration lies in the ability to transition from a party brief to on-site execution flawlessly.

Our party hosts are equipped with a suite of tools, including event run sheets and cue cards. These resources guide them through the diverse aspects of each party, ensuring that every guest, regardless of age, gets to enjoy all the activities included in the package. Clear communication is at the core of our approach, and it extends beyond children's parties to encompass corporate events. A week before the scheduled event, our team proactively contacts each guest to confirm details, discuss the day's setup, and provide any essential information for a seamless experience.

By maintaining a high level of communication, we ensure that everyone is on the same page, contributing to the overall success of the event.


3. Efficiency in Delivering Multiple Parties: The Art of Party Flow

Managing a high volume of parties at a single venue requires a carefully orchestrated party flow. At Timezone, we have perfected this art by breaking down each party into sections, allowing multiple parties to take place simultaneously while progressing through different activities at different times.

All party packages are designed to last the same amount of time, ensuring a consistent flow throughout the day. For venues with a high volume of parties, a dedicated Party Manager is present to troubleshoot any issues and maintain the precise timing of each event. Clear communication with guests about the flow of party packages helps set expectations and ensures a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Timezone parties are more than just celebrations; they are experiences crafted with passion and precision. Whether you're organizing a children's party, a corporate event, or commemorating a special milestone, we tailor our approach to suit every occasion. Having hosted over 60,000 parties and entertained more than 700,000 kids in 2023 alone, our commitment to creating unforgettable moments is unwavering. From the dynamic recruitment of our party hosts to the seamless execution of party operations and the efficiency in delivering multiple parties, every aspect is designed to create moments that last a lifetime.

Join us in the world of Timezone parties, where the celebration is an art, and excellence is in the details!


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