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Virtual Games

Virtual Reality: Out-of-this-World Fun for Thrill-Seeking Children

Looking for a kid-friendly activity or things to do with your kids in Singapore that’s totally out-of-this-world? Look no further than Virtual Reality (VR) games and rides! VR technology has progressed by leaps and bounds over the recent years, and is now more accessible and affordable than ever. With VR, children can immerse themselves in whole new worlds of fun and entertainment that are realistic, immersive, and engaging — providing an exciting step up from traditional video games!

Here are some ways VR games and rides are pushing the boundaries of children’s entertainment:


1. Affordability

While not all parents might be willing to spend on a full-fledged virtual reality set for their homes, your children can still enjoy this high-tech technology at any Timezone Location in Singapore. Timezone Entertainment Centres offer a range of VR games and rides at different price points to suit any budget, conveniently accessible through reloadable Powercard systems. Simply top up your card, swipe on the game reader, and you’ve got a world of VR waiting at your fingertips.


2. Immersiveness

One of the biggest draws of virtual reality is its immersiveness. When users put on a VR game headset, they are transported to a whole new world. They can explore different environments, interact with virtual objects and characters, and even independently control the outcome of a game or ride for a totally unique experience. Think of it like experiencing a roller coaster without even needing to go to a theme park — no wonder it’s become such a popular activity for all ages!


3. Novelty

Apart from the virtual reality world, where else could you play with dinosaurs, do battle on pirate ships, or befriend magical creatures firsthand? VR games and rides are lightyears beyond traditional entertainment options when it comes to introducing players to worlds that feel like they’ve come right out of your imagination. You can even safely experience situations such as exploring haunted houses, fighting laser battles, or exploring the stars on a spaceship, creating more opportunities for hours of unending fun.


Live out your VR dreams with Timezone Singapore

Can’t wait to explore a Virtual Reality game or ride with your kids? Head over to your nearest Timezone Location and experience VR for yourself!

Families who live in the South, West, and North-East are just a short journey away from Timezone VivoCityTimezone Parkway Parade, and Timezone Westgate — all of which include an assortment of VR games and rides to enjoy. As the cherry on top, All Timezone Locations are conveniently situated in major malls near MRT stations around Singapore, making it a breeze to plan your next family day out together no matter where you are.


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