Experience Boundless Joy at Timezone Orchard Exchange

Timezone Supersized Venue - the latest, must-visit social & entertainment destination in Orchard Road. Located right in the heart of Orchard Road, this entertainment centre covers a whopping 22,000 square feet of pure fun. Game lovers will be delighted to know that Timezone Orchard Exchange is not just spacious but also equipped with a total of 160 attractions and games


437 Orchard Rd, #B1-01 to 04, #B1-07 to 18, #B1-25 to 44, Singapore 238878
Opening Hours Mon - Thurs: 11 am - 10 pm
Fri & Eve of PH: 11 am - 11 pm
Sat: 10 am - 11 pm
Sun, PH & School Holidays: 10 am - 10 pm
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Timezone Orchard Xchange: Arcade Games, Social/Mini Bowling, Bumper Cars & More

Equipped with a total of 160 attractions and games there’s simply no doubt that you and your family or friends will have a blast! From young kids to teenagers and more mature families, there are games suitable for all ages and preferences, even working adults looking to relieve some stress!

Timezone Orchard Xchange features countless Arcade Games, alongside a total of eight bowling lanes, which include four lanes of Mini Bowling and four lanes of Social Bowling to cater to the varying needs of each crowd. Timezone Orchard Exchange has even got Arkadia — a six-player Virtual Reality arena that enables you to enter a whole new world, one of the likes beyond your imagination!

The venue is split into six zones:

1. Arcadia VR Zone

2. Competition Zone

3. Driving Zone

4. Dancing Zone

5. Prize Shop

6. Party Rooms

Games available in these zones include Dance Dance Revolution, Pump it Up, Asphalt Legends, Midnight Maximum Tunes, Air hockey, Hot Wheels, Virtual Reality games, Bumper Cars, NBA Gametime Pro, claw machines and more.

But wait, there's more! Apart from Timezone VivoCity Flagship’s, the Bumper Cars at Timezone Orchard Exchange are the only ones in Singapore that can get you revving up those engines for some bumper car madness to satisfy your need for speed! 

And if you're planning a party or event and need a venue, Timezone Orchard Exchange has got you covered as well. 


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The Hillbilly's Shooting Gallery

The Hillbilly's Shooting Gallery, a six-player shooting range, is an Orchard Xchange outlet exclusive. This animation-based shooting gallery, with its colourful backdrop, animatronics and multi-action targets, evokes a classic carnival feel in the otherwise high-tech venue.

VR Arena

From sci-fi to co-op shooter to superhero-themed games, this virtual reality experience offers six games of different genres for visitors of all ages. You can go solo and race against characters and fight an army of robots. But it’s almost always more fun with a buddy, where you get to pick shooter-vs-shooter games and attack each other.


Social Bowling

With your friends or family in tow, you’ll want to check out the other social aspects of Timezone, like the multiple bowling alleys and bumper car arena. Yup, this place is big enough that there are 2 bowling alleys with 4 lanes each, so up to 8 groups can play at once.

The first, Social Bowling, is a four-lane bowling alley with entertaining, interactive projections screening music videos at each lane.

Standard-sized bowling balls are used for Social Bowling. You won’t even need to rent shoes to play. Just pick a ball and lane and start knocking pins down.

The second, Mini Bowling, uses mini bowling balls suitable for children and the elderly. The balls and pins are much smaller so it’s easier to bowl a strike.

Both experiences allow up to five players per lane and bowling shoes are not required.

Bumper Cars

Want to let off some steam? Bumper Cars are also available.

Each game consists of six cars with each car for up to two players. Now, you could put the more experienced adult in the driver’s seat, but we reckon letting kids take charge of the 360-degree control will be way more fun and bump-y. It’s bumper cars after all, and the more hits you get, the more points you’ll earn.

Safety features are implemented in the form of high backseats to protect one's back and neck.

Redeem prizes like Pop Mart, Bearbrick & PlayStation 5

And you’ll definitely want to rack up points because that just means more tickets galore. These days, tickets are stored digitally in your Timezone cards, so there’s no need for baskets for your piles of tickets. We have exclusively featured prizes available only in Orchard Xchange!

Host Kids Birthdays & Corporate Parties at Timezone Orchard Xchange’s Event Space!

Celebrate any occasion or birthday in impeccable style surrounded by fun! Your kids’ birthday parties or company’s corporate events will never be the same — once you host them at Timezone’s Orchard Xchange.

Frequently Asked Questions about Timezone Orchard Xchange

Yes, Timezone Orchard Xchange offers event venues for kids’ parties and corporate team-building events. It's available for booking now! 

For kid's parties, make your booking here. For corporate team-building events, submit your enquiry here.

Things to do at Timezone Orchard Xchange include everyone's favourite Arcade Games like Big Sweet Land, Wizard of OZ, Basketball, Maimai, Air Hockey, Bumper Cars, Mini/ Social Bowling and Arkadia - a six-player Virtual Reality arena that enables you to enter a whole new world, one of the likes beyond your imagination, and much more... 

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Or follow the quick tips below!

By Car: No hassles. Parking is available in Ion Orchard

By Train: Alight at Orchard MRT Station.

By Bus: Catch any of the following services: 14E, 124, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 190, 972, 972M.