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Timezone Jurong Point

opening hours

Mon - Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat-Sun, PH & Holidays: 10am - 10pm


1 Jurong West Central 2, JP1 #02-45, Jurong Point, Singapore 648886

contact us


[email protected]

Visit Our Arcade In Jurong Point for Fun & Games Galore

Looking for an arcade in the West? From the ever-popular Air Hockey to entertaining Dancing and Music Games, Timezone Jurong Point is the perfect spot for an afternoon of fun and games with your friends. 

Occupying 17,000 sq ft, it stands as the second-largest venue in the west. With a massive collection of 160 games, visitors can enjoy everything from Virtual Reality adventures to intense racing experiences. Do you take life too seriously? It’s time for a Timezone Jurong Point Fun Intervention! Boasting a wide range of mini Arcade Games, you can have good family fun with the activities and attractions here.

What's more? We have introduced the 1st and Only Drift Bumper Cars attraction in Singapore at Timezone Jurong Point. If you're a thrill-seeker looking for an electrifying adventure, look no further! Step into the driver's seat and prepare for an unforgettable ride. Our Drift Bumper Cars offer an exhilarating combination of speed and skill as you master the art of drifting. Feel the rush as you navigate twists, turns, and corners with precision.

Turn Up The Vibes Here With Us!

We also offer amazing arcade deals, offers, and promotions that are bound to sweeten the experience.

Gift cards are also available for those looking to purchase an afternoon of fun and games! Surprise a loved one with an exciting gift card from us.

Timezone Jurong Point : Arcade Games, Mini Bowling, Bumper Cars & More

Step into the excitement at Timezone Jurong Point, where entertainment knows no bounds! Kickstart the fun with 10 Maxi Drift Bumper Cars, providing a thrilling ride that's sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Dive into a world of speed and precision as you engage in intense races and put your skills to the test.

But that's not all – tap into your inner rhythm master with the infectious beat of music games. These immersive experiences allow you to become one with the music, challenging your timing and coordination while providing heaps of fun.

When it's time to switch gears, make your way over to the captivating Claw Machines, enticing treasure troves filled with oversized plush toys and other goodies! Whether you're an expert or a first-timer, the thrill of snagging one of these prizes adds a delightful touch to your adventure at Timezone. Come join the excitement and discover the joy of entertainment tailored to all ages at Timezone Jurong Point!

At Timezone Jurong Point, you can rediscover joy by sharing your experience with friends or family. More than just popular Arcade Games, there’s also an endless array of exciting prizes and other attractions lined up. 

Gift cards are also available for those looking to surprise a loved one. Regardless, at Timezone, there’s always amazing arcade deals, offers, and promotions that are bound to sweeten the experience. 

Plan Events and Turn Up The Vibes!

With an array of thrilling Arcade Games and entertainment facilities, Timezone Jurong Point caters to all age groups and interests. Party Room sets the stage for memorable celebrations, whether it's a kid's birthday bash or a lively corporate bonding event.