Say Goodbye to Boring Corporate Parties!

Get set to turbocharge your team's camaraderie to unprecedented heights of excitement! Select any of Timezone’s corporate event packages and redefine fun and teamwork. These packages come with a dedicated party host* who's your expert guide to thrilling adventures. You may also customise the package to match your team's unique style, adding icebreakers and debriefing sessions to amplify the impact. Brace yourselves to unleash your team's full potential, fortify bonds, and spark a wildfire of collaboration like never before! 

Venues accommodate up to 600 guests, so any small party or large corporate event idea is welcome!

Reach out to Timezone today to book an exclusive space for a private event at select Timezone venues in Singapore.

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*Excludes Boss Battle 30

^ Only available on Weekdays. Subject to availability on Weekends/ Public Holidays.

¹ Green card reader: Standard video games such as Halo, Luigi's Mansion Arcade, Maximum Tune 6, etc.

² Yellow card reader: Standard video/non-video games such as Air Hockey, Kiddy Ride, Pinball, etc.

³ Red card reader: Ticket Games such as Down the clown, Let's bounce, etc. No tickets will be issued.



Unlock these Games for EXTRA FUN!

Enhance the celebration with these activities on top of the unlimited Green, Yellow and Red reader games in the package.

2-Seater (Driver & Passenger). Only at Jurong Point.

1-Seater. Only at Orchard Xchange and VivoCity.

Social Bowling is available at Jurong Point, Orchard Xchange, Parkway Parade and Westgate.

Mini Bowling is available at Orchard Xchange, VivoCity and Westgate.

Seeking For A Venue Space To Host Your Closed-Door Event?

Whether you're planning a corporate team-building retreat, a product launch, a milestone celebration, or any other closed-door event, Timezone offers a dynamic and captivating setting that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Contact us today to explore availability, discuss your specific event requirements (capacity of up to 600 guests), and start planning your exclusive closed-door event at our thrilling venue.

Let's collaborate to create an extraordinary experience that combines the excitement of games with the intimacy of a private event. Get ready to level up your event game! 🚀

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Elevate your team's dynamics, foster stronger connections, and boost productivity with our one-of-a-kind Team Building Package.

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