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Farrer Park Fun For All: 6 Things To Do Around City Square Mall

Planning the upcoming weekend? Forget your usual haunts and venture into Farrer Park, an underrated but no less exciting neighbourhood. What used to be a training ground for Singapore’s sports legends is now a trove of cultural, historical, and recreational gems. From the colourful markets of Little India to street art murals along Kitchener Road, there’s a little something for everyone. Spend a delightful afternoon exploring hidden cafes or playing arcade games at Timezone City Square Mall. Read on to find out why Farrer Park deserves to be your next exploration destination.


1. City Square Mall's Urban Park

Thought malls were chaotic and crowded? Farrer Park’s City Square Mall begs to differ with its rooftop retreat. Break from shopping and let the skyline offer you tranquillity. It's an oasis amidst concrete, perfect for those looking to pause, reflect, or just enjoy a momentary escape from the shopping spree. So next time you’re there, make sure to not just shop but also stop and breathe.


2. Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

Just a short walk from Farrer Park MRT and City Square Mall is Jalan Besar Swimming Complex. It's your chance for a relaxing dip to shake off the week's stress. For families, it's a splash haven for kids and for fitness enthusiasts, a place to clock those laps.


3. Kitchener Road’s Street Art

If you believe roads are just stretches of tarmac, Kitchener Road will make you reconsider. As you walk, murals come alive, telling stories of Singapore's culture and history. It’s a gallery in disguise, waiting for art enthusiasts and curious souls alike to decode its canvases.


4. Temples of Farrer Park

In the heart of Farrer Park lies the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, a testament to Singapore's rich cultural fabric. This revered landmark, dating back to 1855, is not only historically important but is also a designated National Monument of Singapore. It's where ancient architecture meets enduring faith.


5. The Cafes of Farrer Park

Been to the same coffee joint one too many times? Farrer Park’s cafes promise more than just a caffeine fix, with each offering a unique atmosphere. From cosy nooks perfect for solo reading to lively spots ideal for conversations, there's a space for every mood. Indulge in artisanal brews, gourmet sandwiches, or that delectably sinful slice of cheesecake. With a bunch of options, the question isn't if you should visit, but rather, which cafe first?


6. Timezone at City Square Mall

Searching up ‘arcade amusements near me?’ Then, Timezone City Square Mall is the destination for you. Give classics like Dance Dance Revolution a go, or try your hand at the enthralling Monster Catcher. Engage in friendly competition, root for high scores, or bask in the thrill of snagging that prize from the Claw Machine. And speaking of prizes, the array of exciting rewards is sure to entice. Whether you're with buddies or family, Timezone offers a blend of retro charm and contemporary gaming excitement – ideal for those looking for a fun indoor activity in Singapore.

With so much to see, hear, and taste, isn't it high time Farrer Park topped your weekend itinerary? Whether history buff, foodie, or art lover, there’s a side of Farrer Park just for you.


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