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Rev Up Your Team Spirit: 3 Activity-Based Corporate Outing Ideas in Singapore

Corporate events don't have to be a snooze-fest. Break free from the mundane and infuse your gatherings with excitement. Discover activity-based ideas that will reinvigorate your team's spirit and foster a stronger bond among colleagues in your company. Whether you're hunting for fresh outing ideas in Singapore or craving an indoor event that's a game-changer, we've got you covered. Get ready to make your next event the stuff of legends with our list of top ideas and venues you can explore with your team.


1. Dive into Bar Trivia

Elevate the fun quotient with bar trivia. Say goodbye to standard office chit chat and explore riveting Q&A sessions. Get ready to answer questions like, "Who directed the iconic film 'Pulp Fiction'?" or “Which continent is home to the Sahara Desert?” Experience the thrill of quick-fire questions, as teams go head-to-head to claim the crown. It's about strategy, speed, and synergy. From history buffs to pop culture gurus, there's a question for everyone. And remember, it's not just about winning; it's the infectious energy and laughter that'll have everyone talking about it for weeks!


2. Strike it Right with Bowling

Roll into excitement with Timezone’s Mini and Social Bowling! Whether you're a seasoned bowler eyeing that perfect strike or a newbie cheering on every pin knocked down, our lanes promise a high-octane bonding session. Round up your colleagues, visit any of our Venues in Singapore and get ready to amp your competitive spirit. Feel the adrenaline, soak up the cheers, and embrace those lighthearted groans when the ball rolls into the gutter. Brush up on your skills with some of our bowling tips and come ready to show off!


3. Step into the Gaming World at Timezone Singapore

Turn back time and immerse in gaming nostalgia with Timezone Singapore. Step into an electrifying world where vintage meets modern. From our exhilarating Bumper Cars to timeless Arcade Games, there's entertainment for everyone. Challenge, compete, or simply cheer. Regardless, our range of games and attractions offer an unforgettable adventure for all team members.

What your team needs is the right event venue that allows them to let loose, forget about work for a few hours, and immerse themselves in a thrilling new environment. And that’s exactly what Timezone’s various locations provide. With our tailored corporate packages and team building activities, you can enjoy unlimited play, a dedicated party host and the use of our comfortable party rooms to rest in. We guarantee a corporate outing that makes the best of your time together. Get ready to level up your corporate game! 


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