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Timezone’s Family Fun Guide for Singapore’s June School Holidays

The school bell tolls, heralding the start of the June school holidays. Homework is replaced by laughter and stationery swapped out for game tickets. The venue of this exciting transformation? Timezone! An ideal indoor family entertainment centre offering shelter from the Singapore sun and a haven of fun to go along with it.

Here are 5 fantastic activities your family can dive into at your nearest Timezone Location this June school holidays:


1. Timezone Group Games: A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

Bring out the team spirit! Timezone offers an array of group games that invite the whole family to join in. Games like basketball and co-op shooters are perfect bonding activities in Singapore, encouraging cooperation, competition, and copious amounts of fun.


2. Timezone Photo Booths: Your Snapshot of Happiness

Want to freeze those happy moments in time? In Singapore, Timezone's Photo Booths are just the place! Make faces, strike poses, and let the camera capture the fun. You'll leave with a strip of photos that serve as a perfect memento of this June school holidays, and the many fantastic things you can do with your kids at Timezone Entertainment Centres!


3. Scavenger Hunts in Timezone: A Quest for Fun

Turn your Timezone outing in Singapore into an epic quest with a scavenger hunt! Create a list of specific games or activities for the whole family to complete, such as getting a certain score on Mini Bowling or completing every game of a certain theme. It's a fantastic way to ensure a variety of things to do with your kids, and keeps their excitement buzzing from day to night!


4. Friendly Competitions in Timezone: Everyone's a Winner

Unleash the competitive spirit in a fun and friendly way! Set a challenge for the highest score on any game of your choice. It's not just the thrill of competition, but the laughs and memories made along the way that make this one of the best family activities in Singapore. Also, don’t forget to exchange your hard-earned tickets for amazing prizes at the Timezone Prize Shop!


5. Timezone Holiday Promotions: Savvy Savings

Who in Singapore doesn't love a good deal? Timezone’s special promotions during the local school holidays ensure your family fun doesn't break the bank. Check the Promotions Page for bonus game credits and other exciting offers — a surefire way to add value to your blast of fun.

And remember, the Timezone Fun App is your international gateway to easily track Points, Rewards, and top up your Powercards. So, why wait? Make Timezone your first choice for family fun this June school holidays.

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